WDC: CrazyWackyCool

Ok, this video really isn’t cute but how crazy/cool/wacky/awesome/creepy/amazing is that?!

Ok, ok.  Here are some cute elephants! 🙂


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  1. I felt so sorry for the bag monsters every time they deflated…

  2. I love the baby elephants!! So cute!

    Those inflatable bag monsters are kinda creepy. . .

  3. I’m flabbergasted at the apparent indifference of the passersby to the inflateable monsters. If I saw something like that, I’d be fascinated and stick around for a while. The monsters are amazingly creative and so lifelike. But most of the pedestrians just walked by without turning a hair. Weird!

  4. Those inflatables were utterly bizarre to watch (a couple of times the one on the left looked absolutely real). Kinda disturbing to watch ’em deflate though.
    The baby elephants were adorable; I love Disney’s version of Jungle Book. Cute.

  5. Those inflatable sculptures are incredible – i don’t find them creepy at all!! I totally agree with Jen Hardacre that the indifference of the passersby was one of the most bizarre things about the clip.
    I am soooo sharing this with my arty daughter!

  6. If I saw one of those bag creatures from a distance I’d probably run to see if it were an ailing animal!! They are so cool! To be fair to passersby, it’s very likely that some of the people who didn’t stop and stare had already seen them a lot. That looked to me to be on Broadway around 25th — though I haven’t lived in NYC for about 8 years, so really it could be anywhere — but my point is that it didn’t look like one of the well-traveled, touristy areas, so much as more of a neighborhoody-business area, frequented more by people who work and live in the area than “visitors.”

  7. Interesting that they had elephants in the same enclosure as the marsh hares. At least I think those were marsh hares. The first thing I thought when I saw those inflatables were how scary they would look to a horse! LOL.

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