“Sturdy boy” – that’s one way to put it

Hi there I have a bay stud colt for sale he’s coming 3 halter broke, leads good, ties, picks feet, and loads. Have too many young horses to start so would like to see him go to a good home where he will be used to his full potential! Stands about 14 3 sturdy boy!

There’s something about this boy’s “sturdy” that just don’t look right.  (Not unlike the structure of the preceding sentence.)

The ad doesn’t come out and say it, but it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think this boy a Quarter Horse.   In that case, dare I say it? HYPP… Except, what is going on with that scrawny neck?  It’s like he has the body of a HYPP horse, but the neck of an unworked three year old.  At least part of him looks normal? -well, normal for his age/training.

Then, of course, if we’re accepting the assumption that he’s a HYPP QH, why the frak is he still a stud?  Those testicles aren’t going to remove themselves!

I’m getting a distinct feeling of deja vu – like we’ve had this discussion before…  HYPP bad.  Hasn’t earned right to keep balls.  Stupid people.  Easily eradicable disease.

Yadda yadda yadda.

Blah blah blah.

Etc. x 3 (I got tired of typing it out – not so much the length, but the repetition.)

What genius thinks it’s acceptable to leave a rope halter on?! If When your horse gets caught on something, it’s likely to panic and could break its neck.  Yes, that’s an extreme scenario but who would want to take that chance?  It certainly has happened, along with many other accidents involving halters getting caught on seemingly innocent objects or horses getting hooves caught in the halter like a mermaid in a fisherman’s net.

Next, have you ever seen an unhappier looking horse?  Ok, I’m sure you have, but that is one unhappy looking colt! He seems pretty young to me to look so jaded.  Can a horse look jaded or am I projecting again?

Anyone want to take bets on whether he’s out with mares?

I’m just waiting for the day when kijiji and craigslist meld into one big, giant, conglomerate of a website, going all Godzilla on other websites.  Or maybe craigigigi will Hulk-out and smash through firewalls galore! The horror!


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  1. I dont think he looks all quarter horse to me, and doesnt look HYPP either (but you can never be sure by looks) I think he has some draft in him. He has some feathers and his feet look too big to be halter blood in him. I have an HYPP NH gelding ( got him before i knew what hypp is, but he is mine now and will be until he is buried) and he has ALOT more muscling in strange places than this horse has, but my gelding does have the HUGE body and skinny neck. Thank god he was gelded as a weanling, lol. This horse needs gelded and given a job trailriding…….

    • Agreed, there is nothing about this horse that makes me think he’s Impressive bred. I would guess foundation QH x draft. He has a bit of a ewe neck but definitely still has some growing to do and it won’t look as bad once his front end catches up with his hind. He’s a bit underweight, possibly wormy, and looks like he might have a heaves line – but could just be worms/how he’s standing/whathaveya. All I see is an awkward, still growing colt who needs a snip-snip and some time to fill out.

      BTW: my horses have that expression when they’re napping too.

    • Actually, I disagree about the draft thing. My Hano/TB gelding gets “feathers” like that in the winter (he’s registered and I know the breeder so definitely no draft in my boy). Someone on facebook suggested that chronic heaves can cause the line across his ribs which I thought was interesting. Will have to look into it.

      • Actually if he’s Hanoverian, he does have draft somewhere in him. Definitely more common in Warmbloods than QHs. I owned a mustang who looked a lot like this boy because he came from a herd with strong draft influence.

        I did think heaves as well with that line, but could also just be how he’s standing plus poor conditioning. Never heard of it being related to HYPP.

  2. He looks like he’s in a lot of pain. Unhappy doesn’t even cover what’s going on with him, I think anyhow. Poor guy.

  3. I dunno, I think if he were turned out with mares he’d look happier! At least he’s got as much handling as is appropriate for his age and presumably his pasture mates do too, the owner’s at least kind of trying. Still, weird conformation train wreck.

  4. If you look closely at the other horses in the pic, they are ALL wearing the cheap plastic
    “shipping” or auction halter that are often put on horses when they are run through an auction…
    I think this poor horse has either a leg or back issue, he also looks very tired and shut down, which would co-inside with being run through an auction, being hauled for a long time and being dumped with horses he has no connection with.
    Also going with that theory, all the halters look new, and clean, and stiff.. which would go along with my theory… if a horse has had any type of halter on for a while it would be muddy, limp, possibly chewed on, and any horse would have some sort of rub marks on their face or poll from the halter.
    And I just realized something that lends credence to my theory…
    The entire herd is on grass, that has obviously NOT been grazed on. Why would they ALL be on clean pasture with grass that isn’t golf course green short???
    Also, every horse in that herd is clean, not one single dirty horse, the seller obviously put no thought or effort into taking good pics… you would see at least one or two dirty horses…

    Just saying… poor thing…

  5. That horizontal line running along the ends of his ribs would indicate he is in pain..I agree with Charlotte. Someone geld him and let him start a life!

  6. Poor dude…hope he gets an upgrade!

    On another note…how does one end up with “too many young horses to work with”? Did the Greenie Fairy drop them off while they slept?

  7. I used to work at a ranch that had a number of HYPP positive horses. This one is not HYPP positive unless he’s positive and crossed with a draft. He doesn’t have those tiny little legs and all over muscling. I do agree with most everyone else too. He looks in pain. Maybe he’s foundered, has an abscess, or maybe his owner doesn’t know what a case of mild colic looks like.

  8. I would suspect metabolic disorder before HYPP, those don’t look like muscle they look like huge fat deposits.

  9. Poor baby needs a home and a diet. Metabolic disorder comes with hoof pain (which he looks like he has) until he goes on a diet he will always be mildly to intensely lamanitic. Gosh damn it. My heart’s just to damn big and pocketbook to damn small. He actually looks like he could be pretty nice. With some TLC, and an owner who knew how to care for him. When I finally get my own place I want to rescue and re-home one at a time… Never mind that I have 3 rescues now that will hopefully all re-home this summer.

  10. Either these aren’t current pics or the horses are kept stalled mostly because none of them have a winter coat, they are all slick. He does look like something hurts though, the tense stomach muscles causing a heave line and the curl of his nostrils just say “ouch” to me.

  11. Is it just me or do his rear fetlocks look enlarged? Poor guy…

    • That isn’t bone or fat. This poor guy is badly stocked up in the hinds and in his lower joints. WTF is going on with this boys metabolism? I am sure he is wormy, he lacks muscle and body fat but he is holding water like his liver is shot. I’m sure if we were to press firmly on his leg with a finger, we could leave a dent in the swollen tissue covering the bone. The swelling will cause pain. The pain will cause him to not move which will prevent the body from pushing out the fluid retained in the soft tissues which is causing the pain. Most often this cycle can be broken with a drug cocktail that relieves the pain, reduces the swelling and encourages the horse to move. But WHY did this guys metabolism get that far out of whack? that is the $60.00 ?

  12. I have an Impressive bred mare (HYPP N/N) and this guy looks nothing like her. I don’t really think he is particularly fat either, just out of shape. I do wonder about the potential heave line, but to me, he looks bored more than anything.

  13. Perhaps the photo was taken last Fall. He looks like one who has been outside 24/7 (with shelter since he’s not sun burnt), and just sleepy. He doesn’t have the muscling or look of Impressive (HYPP) breeding. Looks more foundation bred ranch horse to me. Wouldn’t think both photos would have just happened to have caught him in the same breathing pattern, which makes it look like he has a heave line. I’d think too young for heaves, that potty belly under the “heave line” could be more apt to be worms/and or/ poor quality hard to digest hay. He’s not a bad sort, certainly not stallion potential, but with more youngsters that she has time to work with, also probably means she can’t afford to geld them all and is hoping the new buyer will spend those dollars.

  14. Whatever he is, he does not look happy at all poor kid. Didn’t see where this ad was from…Grasping at straws here… PMU foal?

  15. Sort of Anonymous

    I’m agog at how much heavier boned he appears in the back compared to the front~ especially since that first picture looks like it is at an angle favoring the front being closer. Poor fellow.

  16. In the second photo, he seems to have something under his head (between his jaws). Not sure if it is part of the halter?
    Otherwise, could it be strangles, or an abscess?
    Sad looking boy, especially when the horses around him are munching away.

  17. He looks ewe necked to me (which would be yet one more conformation fault to add to the rest – which are legion). So sad. “Jaded” is definitely an apt description; poor boy looks like a hundred others I’ve seen go through the auction here. The spark is gone.

  18. “He seems pretty young to me to look so jaded. Can a horse look jaded or am I projecting again?”

    This is what I thought too! Poor guy. If horses committed suicide, he would be a candidate. The photo didn’t scream HYPP to me, but he definitely isn’t stallion potential. When are people going to look at the economy (especially the horse economy) and realize that the world doesn’t need another “meh” stallion?

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