Weiner horse v2

You know those tables where you can insert a “leaf” when company’s over and all of a sudden your 4 person dinner table seats 8?  Oh, ok good. You do know.  Nope, didn’t bring it up for a reason.  Thought just popped into my head, that’s all.

Hi, and thanks for stopping by.  I’m just a little horse who wants to be looooooooooved.  I somehow managed to win my current owners a championship and yet they still want to be rid of meeeeeeeee.  I’m not sure why.  Sure, it could have something to do with the fact that my front end and hind end are in different time zones, but no one’s that superficial, right?  Looks aren’t impooooorrrrrrrrtant.  (But conformation is, or at least should be.)

Now, when you come to pick me up, please be sure to bring a full size trailer – none of that ‘oh it’s just a mini, it’ll fit in my van!’ stuff, because I won’t.  As you can see from my photo, I’m incredibly loooooooong.

All kidding aside, this little girl is for sale!

“2003 smutty buckskin mare.  33”. AMHA/AMHR. Gorgeous mover- amazing driving potential. Multi Champion halter mare. Easy to handle, loves to show.Daughter of world famous BTU- one of the top stallions in the industry! “

I was going to keep it going with the horse-talking-bit but then I saw that she is described as a “smutty buckskin”.  Really?  “Smutty”?  There weren’t a hundred other words you could have used?  You had to accuse her of being unwholesome?  How dare you impugn her character in such a manner.  You have practically accused her of being a harlot!  A Jezebel even! It’s downright hurtful.  At least provide proof! Until we see her in scantily clad halter we flat out refuse to believe it!


Alright, just to be clear, the owners have every right to sell her or any other horse.  And while I have made a snide comment about that, I don’t reeeeaaaaallllly mean it.  In case it’s not clear yet, this horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrse is long.  That’s it.  That’s the point of this post.  Thanks for coming!  See y’all tomorrow!

Juuuuuuuuuust kidding.  While she isn’t specifically being marketed as a broodmare, how many championship winning mares do you know that go on to be happy little lawn ornaments? NOT MANY! The likelihood of some jackass trying to squeeze a baby outta this mare is pretty damned good.

At least this little mini looks better than the last Daschund x miniature horse-thing!

ps.  her eyes freak me out!


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  1. I think Sooty Buckskin is what they meant. Smutty…. Hilarious!

  2. Sooty and smutty mean the same thing. Check out this link for a better explanation.

  3. Some buckskins may have darker hair covering their body to some degree. This is due to the
    ‘smutty’ or ‘sooty’ gene and may be minimal (localized on the back and withers and possibly the face) or excessive (spread throughout the entire coat including the face). The common term is ‘Sooty’ or ‘Smutty’ buckskin.

    Her eyes look odd because it is mini fashion to not only clip around the eyes, and complete muzzle, with a 50 blade, then you go back over the area with a razor until there is no hair on the arch above the eye or on the muzzle, then you highlight the area with oil to make it shine – the idea is to make the eyes appear as large as possible and the face as fine as possible. Arabs used to be done the same way, but the overly greased look has fallen out of favor, and they aren’t as bald looking. If I had the choice, I’d take a long back over a short one any day (unless it’s too long). I spent 12 years trying to keep front shoes on a shortbacked horse.

  4. Aw, long-backed horses need love, too. I have a (now retired) cowhorse who is rather weiner-like, especially for a reiner, and he is the best horse in the world. He won a ton of national awards despite his less-than-ideal confirmation – it sounds corny, but he’s always loved his job, whatever it might be. He’s now creeping up to 30 and living out his retirement by pigging out in the pasture and serving as a surrogate mom to weanlings. The only downside is that they then have to be weaned from him.
    To your point, I think the halter champion claims are a little off given that looonnnng back, and I think confirmation problems are inherent with minis. But, she still might be someone’s perfect horse.

  5. LMFAO here! I said something once about people trying to build a Limo horse. I think they just suceeded.

    I think this post will keep me amused for a looooooooooong time *giggles*

  6. That thing seriously looks like a full-sized horse in the middle with the legs and head of a mini…

    Not a good look. Not a good look at all…

  7. Huh. I actually thought her eyes looked funny because they’d put makeup on her for the sales pic. People do that with Arabians, wouldn’t surprise me if some of the mini people did too.

    And what judge pinned her for multiple championships. A blind one? One who was sleeping with the owner?

  8. I dont think she is actually as long as she appears. When you park a horse out like Mini’s are supposed to (Tennessee Walkers, Standardbreds, Morgans, Arabs, Etc) they always look a mile long in the back. I dont understand why people want to accentuate a long back (I show QH’s and we avoid that) but to each their own. All said this is a very nice mini.

  9. This looks like attack by the photoshop abuser- could be part of the prooooobbbbblllleeemmm.

  10. Eek! When I scrolled down she didn’t look too bad, but I was expecting to find legs attached…

  11. Thing one: she is up to her fetlocks in grass. If you picture her pasterns and hooves as visible, she looks more proportional.

    Thing two: it’s my observation that mares appear to have/actually do have long bodies – I know they don’t have additional vertebra or ribs, but I’ve had several mares – 2 paso finos, a quarter horse, and a paint horse – and all four had that long body look. Perhaps Ma Nature is providing just a leedle more room for a foal?

    Thing three: Love this mare, smutty or sooty – I’d take her in a New York minute, not to breed, but to drive, compete in Mini trail, hunter and jumping, and just to enjoy her pretty looks. :o)

  12. Poor baby, she looks like a train. If she were bigger, she would be what an Arabian horse breeder once termed a “family horse” – so long the whole family can ride.

    Oh, and I loved the play on words. If I had a horse of that color to sell, I would certainly use the term “sooty.” Lol.

  13. She’s kinda long, even for a mini thats stretched out. But I’ve seen many mini’s that seem pretty long to me, mostly the Arab type ones. I had a QH type….more stockiness is desireable in those than the Araby type. Minis are completely shaved for showing, and clipped in the face and oil applied around the eyes to make them stand out. That championship ribbon looks to be from a local show or 4H show. Definately nothing thats a State or National level. Doesn’t mean she’s a bigtime show horse because of her double registration, champion bloodlines (those could have also been local championships) or championship wins. Sometimes a championship at a local show can be won by a mini over a bigger horse in halter or showmanship because the big horse is squirming around because he’s going “WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT LITTLE THING THAT SMELLS LIKE A HORSE!?!?” or because the mini was the only one in the class! MY mini won classes because he was the only horse in a class before, or because there were only one or two others. Those wins were not at all exciting because we like a bit of competion. Not all shows combine or cancel a class unless there are absolutely no participants. BUT when advertizing a mini for sale, that makes them look better to announce “multi champion horse”, even thogh they really had no competion for those championships.

  14. I’ve seen this mare for sale before and had to go look and pray that it was a trick camera angle that made her look so long backed. Sadly, she’s certianly not a horse I’d ever consider show or breeding quality, despite her nice pedigree. Her “championship” ribbon came from an open circuit show where she was the only horse in her class…

    I think they were originally asking $4500 for her as well.

  15. There used to be a few types of mini’s, QH type, Arab/Morgan type, and Draft type…Now its stock type, and arab/morgan type.
    Its sad that this poor little mare is soo badly put together

  16. Glad you were able to actually see her in person. Yeah, I agree that it’s too bad since it looks like her other conformation points are pretty good….just chop off several inches of her back and she’d be good to go….

  17. Is it just me or does that ribbon look photoshopped on to her?

    • I think it’s just because of how pixilated the photo is. The shadow doesn’t look like it has been messed with at all, and it looks like it has a ribbon. Now, that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have photoshopped a *better* ribbon into the photo. Who knows.

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