Mayor of the Quarter Horses!

When was the election? Why was I not notified?  I don’t typically vote but I feel I should have at least been given the option!  This is clearly an important topic that affects us all.  Did she run unopposed?  Were other breeds included? WHAT IS GOING ON?!

“very gentle quarter horse mayor with western style saddle for sale. very gentle anyone can ride her safe for all ages. or i will trade for a 16 f00t alum boat and trailer with motor she is about 13/14 hands high not real sure hoe to measure her

Dude, I gots ta tells ya, I got me no idear hoe to masure her neither.

All kidding (and hog tying) aside, the best I can guess is that Mayor is the horse’s name; but really, who’s to say?

If these people can’t figure out how to determine the horse’s height, what are the odds they possess the necessary brain cells to guesstimate age?  Perhaps that’s why none was listed in the ad?  You know, now that I think about it, honestly, how confident are we in their assessment of gender?  I’m just sayin’…

But hey, at least they’re safety conscious.  Just look at that barbed wire fence and nylon halter!  Awww dang.  That’s my bad.  That’s what you don’t want to see.  Sometimes I get confused.


Dear people selling horses that have barbed wire fencing:

If you think you can’t afford the horse now, imagine what will happen WHEN the horse hurts itself on this stupid-ass fencing!


Every horse lover on the planet.


Dear self:

Try not to have an aneurysm.  Thanks.




Eeep, I hope no one takes offense to the above political comments!  I’ve been told to keep my political comments to myself (which I refuse to do, if I want to vote for the Muppets I damned well will!).  While I’m the first person to admit (spoiler alert!) this blog operates in the realm of the horseworld, I was unaware that precluded me from making other snarky comments.  Gosh, shoulda read the rulebook before signing up.  All kidding aside, this is an issue that affects us all.  When is the next election and how/where does my horse start campaigning?  He has a great carrot reform that he wants to put to a vote.  Show of hooves, who’s with him?

[Cue live TV audience to apple sauce]


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    • I think so too. At least that’s a new creative one, unlike “gilding”. I believe gilding describes the art form of applying a thin layer of gold over a medium such as wood for decorative purposes, not a male horse which has been gElded… I’m not inclined to believe its a typo most of the time either. I have met people that actually say gilding…

  1. SO….how tall is the Mayor with out the motor? With it she is 13/14 hands- is that thirteen fourteenths? She is 1 tenths shy of being a hand? Without the motor I guess she would only be mmmmm MAYBE 8/14 hands which, when reduced properly, only makes her 4/7 hands with out the motor…Well hell. I gots and 8/16 boat thatIi will trade ya for a 4/7 hand horse-ahem mayor- just to get her out of stupidville. Heh! At least she is FAT. Well from what I can see she looks fat, of course the barbed wire is blocking a view . She probably isnt fat just wormy, but how the hell would these people know? Oh and I sure hope she doesn figure out how to push the gate open that just seems to be tied with…is that a dog leash?! OH is ok, it is a lead rope, so it is TOTALLY ok! (I really wish I had one of Hyperbole’s drawings for this level of sarcasm) *head*desk*head*desk* Can someone please just go get her and I betif you leave a couple of jars of moonshine they would be fine with it.

  2. Mo, my thought exactly.

    bread= bred

    Before people put up an ad they need someone with at least a high school education to proofread for them. I also realize that high school education does not equal correct spelling. You would think that little red squiggly line would throw up a red flag that the spelling is wrong.
    Ads with such spelling errors turn me off immediately! My first thought is if they dont care about the spelling, what other things do they not care about?

  3. At least they didn’t say they had a “horse for sell”…

  4. A trailer with a motor huh?

  5. The listing for my sweet little horse stated that he was manorly. He IS well-bred, right?

  6. Ok, too stinking funny!!! Made me snort!

  7. Did they just call the mayor a HO? I don’t where they are from but I wouldn’t try that around here.

  8. Entertains me to no end haha. I think it’s meant to be ‘mare’.

  9. Manorly… *snork*. That just made me visualize a man with poor dental hygiene and an unbuttoned shirt over a wifebeater, wearing Victorian-era breeches and asking to purchase “a mayor of the brood.”

  10. Additional entries for the BYB dictionary:

    brittle – bridle
    hornist – harness
    deckiplin – discipline
    sturp – stirrup
    gental/gentile – gentle
    calvary – cavalry
    foul – foal
    ferrier – farrier

    and that perennial favourite; confirmation – confOrmation

  11. Good Confirmation? Maybe they are Catholic?

    • Oh here is another to add to the list!
      The ad says:
      I have a Sheltin pony aprox. 4-5 yrs in age mare. She hasn’t been riden in over a yr. so she will need worked with. I have had several strokes and can no long take care of her and need money for medication. She is very healthy and would make someone that has the time to spend with her very happy. I’m asking $200.00 for her and my Name is Richard number is 806-***-****please feel free to call, text or email anytime. Thank You

  12. I have also seen “philly” for filly and (my fave):

    “I don’t have the money to casterate him right now, but if he does not sell he is gonna be casterated.”

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