(Y’all remember the movie, Hook? Ru-Fi-oooo)

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to share the videos I created for the ESMA awards! lol They’re very WTF because I made them less than 10 hours before they were due (8 of those hours were dedicated to sleep) even though I’d had 2 entire months to create them.  Yup, procrastination at its best.  So, out of desperation (and a bit of wine), creativity is born! Kinda.

and here’s the one I did for Fugly Blog

And the piece de resistance?


Brilliant right?  I submitted them for the Academy Awards as well – as if they weren’t already aware of them.  Fingers crossed Snarky Rider wins Best Blog! Failing that, I’ll settle for an Oscar. 😉


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  1. A bit of wine? Are you sure it was only a BIT? *snorts*

  2. I wouldn’t be sure it was just a bit… seeing as the blog name is Snarky Rider not Snarky Riding!

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