Gentle Giants: Luke

Today’s our last feature from February’s rescue, Gentle Giants.  Parting is such sweet sorrow!

What can you get for 5 bucks?  You can get a Starbucks, you can get a sub sandwich, and you can get a gallon or so of gas…

…or you could get a Luke.

Luke here is a friendly fellow, and at just 2 years old he’s into everything.  The grooming box, his herd mates tails, your pockets, and anything else that looks interesting.  Who doesn’t want a warm, cuddly, mischievous gelding of unknown breeding?  Oh wait… that’s right.  NO ONE WANTS ONE.

That’s how we ended up with Luke and his buddy Rain.  About 18 months ago, not one person in the packed sale barn  -NOT ONE- would bid on these quarter-type babies.  The auctioneer isn’t dumb though… he knows how to work the crowd.  He turned that microphone right over to my direction and said “NO ONE will bid on these cute babies?  NO ONE?  Don’t we even have a RESCUE here who will take them home?  Not even for FIVE DOLLARS?”

And that’s how Gentle Giants got into the Quarter Horse business.  How can you say no?

Considering their conformation, they aren’t even trash.  They might not go on to have their name in lights, but they are far from frankenhorses.  In fact, Luke is pretty damn cute!  To me, he screams “Make me a Hunter pony!!!”  Even so, there were no takers for some pretty cute little quarter babies with lots of chrome.

So, if the market is so bad that the seller actually PAID OUT $7.50 to sell me each weanling for $5 a head….  why in God’s name is anyone still breeding horses for which there is no demand?

I can’t believe the breeder of these horses had anticipated that paying to sell these foals at auction would be the outcome of their breeding program, even if their “breeding program” is a barbed wire mud pit with a lean-to and a frisky stallion and his Mom.  Maryland doesn’t have a nurse mare industry or any other such source for unwanted foals… so someone somewhere intentionally created, or allowed for the creation of, these foals.  I don’t understand why the Breeder Mentality is so hard to change, even in the face of a desperately depressed equine market.

But regardless…  Luke is here, and he wants to know:

Who will skip their Caramel Macchiatos so they can spare 5 bucks for him?

He’s even ready to walk himself home!


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  1. Oh just make me cry already.
    Luke reminds me of my grade quarter type filly I took in from a rescue here in Georgia a little over a month ago. She’s a total darling, though shows some behavioral signs of abuse.
    She, like Luke and so many others, is one of the lucky ones in this pattern of over breeding Quarter Horses, and really nearly all breeds.

  2. I wish my husband would be ok with me getting another horse! I’d take him in a heartbeat! How can you not with that face?

  3. Oh my gosh, how adorable. I wish I were a trainer…

  4. Oh. Dear. Lord. Thank the gods I am nowhere close or this little gem would be in my pasture in 2 seconds flat. I even have an over-abundance of hay…

  5. He looks adorable, but new horses are sooo off-limits for me! I do love a sweet baby…*sigh*

  6. I can’t even get over him. He reminds me so much of my Ellie — not in looks, mind you, but in personality. And how did you know that my FAVORITE color is red chestnut with chrome??

  7. Too cute!

  8. There are 5 in a pasture one block over from me, one is cute, looks like this boy. The other 4 are various quantities of Fug. they are all sweet and come up to you. The owner doesn’t live there, I and some other locals have been watching them close, they get skinny and then fed for awhile. They get loose and come to my place. They are all being offered FREE to anyone that will take them. I am afraid they will go to KB eventually. I cannot feed another horse….I repeat that allot.

  9. He is so freaking CUTE!!!!! Brain explosion! How sad people still churn out so many unmarketable babies though. I mean, c’mon. Even the show breeders are cutting back.

  10. Rebecca Semenick

    Looks like a stout little boy! I so wish I could take him, I love a horse with personality!

  11. oh, dear. Shipping to Canada, to a real home and not the slaughterhouse, would be how much? Looks like a cute little guy, with lots of potential!

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