Vroom vroom baby!

4 year old Mustang stud. Bay, gentle, easy to catch, easy to load, will pasture breed, proven breeder have his colt on property. He would be a great project to break to ride this spring. He is very stout and likes to run. His work is finished with our mares and he is ready to come take care of yours! Call or text ### ### ####. Call or text, don’t check e-mail often.

OMGEEE! He’s easy to catch! Hold on! Let me pay you double!  What’s that you say? He pasture breeds! I have been searching all over for a stud that will willingly mount mares while pastured together.  And he has experience breeding?  BONUS!  I’ve always wanted a 4 year old stud with a colt already on the ground…

I would literally rather breed my (imaginary) mare to this:

I really hope it’s just the photo but I suspect that’s not it; either way, check out the stud’s knees.   The first picture has a better view of them – it’s as if his forelegs are bowed towards the front.  What is up with that? How does that even happen? Did it happen? Am I imagining things? It wouldn’t be the  first time – oh look, a dancing bear!  oooh shiny.

Wait a minute – this isn’t another instance of my own personal insanity playing games with my mind (such as soccer), this is an instance where some idiot thinks that because a horse has testicles it’s worth more.  This horse is over at the knees, a conformational flaw that will lead to his structural breakdown much sooner than a well conformed horse.  There’s a quick article on this blog on this conformational faux pas.

This stud’s major selling feature?  He likes to run!  YIPPEE! No idea if he likes to run with a rider on his back but that’s ok!  Leaves some mystery! I like a little excitement in my life!

I’m sorry. I can’t keep this up anymore.  You mindless f*$*tards.  Get a clue!  Geld the little beast, get rid of the barbed wire and put some damned training on him!  (I feel like I’ve said this before…)  Why, oh why, did you breed him to your mares?  If you have money for more horses then why aren’t you keeping this one?  Honestly, what’s the rationale for creating copies of those horrendous knees, only to sell the original?  Anyone?  Quick! Before my head explodes!

What’s one of our favorite mantras here at Snarky Rider? ‘THANK GAWD FOR GELDING!’

Now if only people would actually do so…


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  1. It’s painful isn’t it?
    Do you think our brains will eventually abandon us for a life free of pain and idiocy?

  2. It looks like his heels left with the humans brains.

  3. Someone needs to tell them that a stud isn’t “proven” because it managed to knock up a mare… they make it sound like that it’s a big accomplishment. Which I guess it sort of is…since he’s still alive despite that fence.
    If that’s the new definition of proven, then every damn stallion out there with a foal on the ground is proven!

  4. His legs aren’t messed up, he’s just leaning over the fence trying to get a bite to eat.

  5. Hold on a sec, let me get my helmet… *headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk*
    Damn, I think I need a new helmet…

  6. ARGHHH Mustang breeders make my brain explode!

    You want your favorite mustang to have one foal for your personal use? Fine.

    You want to pump out dozens of ill-conformed mustang babies when literally thousands of mustangs are sitting in BLM holding facilities waiting to be adopted, and being kept at the expense of US taxpayers?! You should be punched in the face.

    I just did a blog on a scumbag mustang breeder here:

  7. do you ever reply to these idiots? or send them links to your blog about their horrendous ads? you should. lol.

  8. My mare took one look at his photo and read his glowing ad description and ……. clamped her tail down tight.

  9. Good gawd!!!

  10. He likes to run…..away from people, I’m guessing :p

  11. This is just crazy. This is almost so bad it could be a parody. An ugly, untrained, ungelded mustang? Everyone’s dream horse! He has a sweet face…I hope smarter people get him.

  12. I wonder if all of their horses have paddles for feet? I suppose if you don’t want to trim their feet they probably make better swimmers.

  13. OMG it looks like yesterday’s Lucas would have made a better stud conformationally….but wait….HIS owner/breeder at least had him gelded!

  14. uhm, okay how about you get off your high, oh so perfect horse. Clearly if you knew jack about horses, its the position he is standing in, he really doesnt have that bad of conformation. So some people keep horses to pasture breed. Who are YOU to judge. You may think you are cleaver and really funny writing these god awful blogs, but in reality you sound like an ignorant P.O.S. with nothing better to do with your time. How about instead of publicly humiliating these people, maybe you contact them and get the real details… whats more painful then seeing bad horse ads… people who think they know everything about everything and try to be funny about it… hmm maybe next time sweetie.

    • Snarky
      Informal unpleasant and scornful
      [from sarcastic + nasty]

    • Snarky (both of them) aren’t perfect. Neither am I. They say things I disagree with. Hmm–maybe that’s because it’s THEIR blog?

      However, why should she (or anyone else) be responsible for educating people choosing to breed horses? There are a million places–all free–where a person interested in breeding horses can get good information.

      I resent the attitude that I am required to correct ignorance. Why? I’ve gone to clinics, taken classes, read until my eyes crossed, met with experience breeders, studied pedigrees, done marketing, worked with my vet, farrier, etc. in order to do the best possible breeding I can. Oh, and I usually paddock breed and it does have some risks hand breeding or AI don’t have.

      I think the Snarkies are saying that a stallion willing to mount a mare in a pasture isn’t a special talent. Neither is a horse who can pee. Or eat. Or poo. They come wired for those things.

      Alex, I’m sorry you’re so terribly upset. I’d suggest two things: 1) Please reach out to all of the folks on Craigslist and anywhere else who need horse breeding 101 and 2) stop reading this blog. Such massive hate-balls must be bad for your blood pressure.

    • Really? Your defense for this ad is that “he really doesnt have that bad of conformation”? Well, then, I think we should all feel much better that a 4 year old Mustang that has already been bred even though there is absolutely no training on him is being advertised as a stud prospect because… wait for it… “he really doesnt have that bad of conformation”.

      (yes I am being sarcastic in case you are wondering)

    • Actually, I’ve never thought myself as a “cleaver”.

  15. Never mind his knees, someone get a farrier asap for those feet, they are awful.

    The worst thing is he’ll probably make a nice horse for someone if gelded but what’s the likelihood in him ending up in such a sensible home 😦

  16. Lordy it gets even more entertaining when they show up, doesn’t it?

    BOTH pics show he’s extremely over in the knees and sickle hocked….and it’s obvious he’s shifted positions/moved in the pics. Soooo…..I’d like to know when did over in the knees and sickle hocked become GOOD conformation? Someone PLEASE explain to me where THIS is a good trait to pass on…..I’m so confused….

  17. OK, so….maybe it is the position in which he is standing….So, why, exactly, would anyone choose to use, to advertise their horse for sale, a picture that makes him look like he is over at the knee and sickle hocked in the extreme- in fact I would be more worried about the hocks as, while the over at the knee bit is debatable, due to camera angle, the hocks just are not, they really aren’t. If you hauled him out of there, put a decent halter on him (if you can) trimmed his feet and brushed him and stood him up, you know what? You would still have a horrible looking animal that no-one in their right mind would want to breed. He might some day make a good, safe, weight bearing trail or pack horse and be worth his weight in gold, regardless of looks, but there is no way anyone would ever look at him and say it was a shame he was gelded.

  18. I love mustangs. Seen quite a few of them I’d really like to have… and BLM burros are cute as hell.

    However, with a shiateload of them already languishing in holding pens with uncertain futures.. I sure as fuck would not be breeding more of them domestically. Especially with the fact that many non-mustang equines have a damned uncertain future as well.

    Are people oblivious, ignorant, callous, or just fricking stupid?

  19. Alex, have you seen how many “nice” babies and broke and Unbroke horses are being processed into FOOD each week? Or left to die of exposure? So the answer is Make More???? Not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you? Or do you own a Transport Company or a Auction House?

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