WD-WTF: Good gawd it’s a llamel!

It’s been a while since we featured a doppelganger…

llamel = llama + camel


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  1. Man…what a fail.

    Stand straight.

    Have somebody hold the horse if possible. If not, tie the animal *correctly*…there are fence rails at the perfect height. Or maybe somebody IS holding it, off camera, and doing it wrong.

    This is a bad location anyway…the shadow is neatly taking out one of his back legs.

    And while there’s nothing you can do about the winter fuzzies, which minis tend to produce in profusion, I don’t think they even brushed the little guy.

    And…how do you find a halter that’s too small for your NOT FULL GROWN MINI. That…takes…talent.

    On the colt himself. He’s wormy. His feet need trimming…hello, people, even ten month olds need to see the farrier and the earlier you start them the better anyway. I’ll forgive the top line and weird neck because who knows, he might actually grow out of that. And he actually has quite nice legs as best I can tell through the fuzzies.

    I just don’t understand why people can’t learn the BASICS of photography. But then, if they can’t fit a halter or find a tube of wormer…what can one expect?

  2. Elaine Elliott

    All I can say is, poor little thing.

  3. Gotta agree with Jen up there.
    “Correctly tying” a horse is one thing, but tying a mini that high….like normal horse height….is like tying your 15 hand horse to a branch 8 feet off the ground. Minis need to be tied at a height correct FOR THEM, not the height you’d tie ol’ Dobbin your trail horse to. Poor thing looks like he’s hanging practically.

    That halter probably would fit him great if they’d just LET IT OUT a bit. Most mini halters adjust around the chin or noseband too, so they can be fit to different size heads. Looks like they just cranked it up as tight as it would go.

    Hard to tell if the flat topline is bad set-up/photography or just poor conformation…ugh….

  4. …Eeeeeeu…. O.O

  5. …It’s a Dr. Seuss creature!!!

  6. He’s a PINTO, not a Paint. That really bugs me in ads. Makes me immediatly think the sellers are BYB if they don’t use the correct terms – in addition to posting a photo of their poor pitiful wormy colt stung up to the top rail of the fence for all to see. Those two words are not interchangeable, unless the American Paint Horse Assoc. has changed their requirments to include miniature horses, which they have not. He does have a useful purpose though – kids could use his steep goose rump to slide down. Probably if his head was not tied up high, he’d hang his head, and look even worse. You can tell that they tried to bush him by the clumps of hair scattered around on the ground around him. He is what he is… so ugly he’s cute, but definatly pet quality.

  7. Yep he’s a pinto, not a paint. BUT that doesn’t stop miniature horse folks from refering to them as “paints”. Even the professionals, so not all are BYB’s….it’s just a common reference in the breed circles. Drives me nuts too(I’m a mini person too, but know about the basics of colors and breed definitions) since all the AMHA and AMHR registered pintos state PINTO on their papers!

  8. I just had a deja vu: alien bursting out from pony’s belly πŸ˜€

  9. Wow that is the purdiest calf I ever saw.. such a straight back.. gotta love those fancy milking short horns!!!

    Arrrrghhh.. WTF, that poor thing!

  10. You can’t spell”llamel” without “lame.”. πŸ˜›

  11. Rebecca Semenick

    Maybe if he was clipped/ shed out his face would be cute? He seems to have a decent angle to his stifles? He’s a nice color? Ok, that’s all I got. Poor little guy. His neck forms a straight line from his back! He has NO wither at all! What’s up with his pasterns and feet? I hope that whoever bred his unfortunate creature immediately gelded the stud and retired the mare from breeding, but I’m probably not so lucky.

  12. Man THAT is what 450 bucs can get you these days?! WOW AND he is a stud…well big surprise there. I dont think a perfectly set up horse and a professional photographer could make this poor little thing look much better. Honestly to me, it looks like he has suffered from malnutrition or maybe it is just a wormy belly. They need to geld him, geld his father and never reproduce this again! That all being said, if I lived closer I would probably go get the guy just to keep around as a pet. Geld him, work him, feed him and MAYBE he would be able to pull a cart in a couple of years.

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