Blackburn. TWH. Zero-tolerance. *cough*bullshit*cough*

Apparently HSUS feels that the recent conviction of Blackburn for soring Tennessee Walking Horse’s enforces a “zero-tolerance” policy.  Yup, that’s the message that we got when we heard that Blackburn was convicted.  Hurray! Justice for the ponies!

Then we read his sentence: One year probation and he has to write an article on soring.  Ummm, we’ve written three articles so far and neither of us, to the best of our collective knowledge, has been convicted of any sort of crime (to date).

Honestly, it’s like he got detention or something – you know, where the teacher makes you write a 1000 word essay on why what you did was wrong.  IT’S NOT MUCH OF A DETERRENT, YOU IDIOTS! That dude makes enough money by abusing horses that he can easily pay someone to write the stupid thing for him.  If this is their idea of ‘zero-tolerance’ I would hate to see what they think leniency is.  I image it would involve them handing Blackburn and his cohorts caustic chemicals because the ones he was using weren’t causing enough damage big lick movement – hey, if you’re going to do something, do it right, right?

It’s like, instead of this:

The Hulk was this:

That’s what zero-tolerance means to these guys.  Instead of the Hulk bashing Blackburn’s face in, he got a fluffy kitty (who, albeit, plotted to rule a Disney movie, but ultimately failed due to fluffy kitty-ness)

And now for a slew of words describing what we feel is HSUS’s take on “zero-tolerance”.

Ineffective. Useless.  Vain. Futile. Fruitless. Feeble. Incompetent. Inept.  Inferior.  Lame.  Paltry.  Powerless. SPINELESS. Unsuccessful. Worthless. Pointless. Disadvantageous.  MEANINGLESS.


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  1. What good is that going to do? The simple fact that he knows how to sore a horse means he’s no dummy when it comes to horses and knows precisely what he’s doing. I could this punishment for a begginner horse owner who starved their horse because they didn’t have a clue how/what to feed it. This guy knows precisely what he’s doing. In horse racing we have to pass a test to become a trainer. The test covers everything from rules to physiology and development of the horse. You need to know your stuff to pass it. One of the questions is “what is the best time to start training a 2yo?” the correct answer is after its knees are closed. So it’s not that trainers don’t know this stuff, they just choose not to care. Writing an essay on the development and training of young horses won’t do them any good.

  2. Maybe it’s time to ban big lick movement(not the shows)? You know, have these horse move and show at a natural gait as opposed to some hideous mimic of Python’s Funny Walk.

    • I hate that stupid gait. It’s everything I (and most other people) don’t like to see in a horse for any other discipline. Why? Because they can’t use themselves effectively like that and it causes long term problems when a horse doesn’t carry itself properly. It’s like they took the mechanics of how a horse moves and used that as a guide of what they don’t want.

    • ” hideous mimic of Python’s Funny Walk.” So true…only sad as opposed to funny. TWHs are such a cool breed, it is sad to see them being abused this way. The horses in the Big Lick classes just look frightened and in pain. They remind me of those show-bred German Shepherds. This Big Lick thing is a mockery of the natural TWH gait. The natural gait is a joy to see.

  3. The solution is the same as it always was… hit them in the pocketbook. Until “trainers” (haha, I use this term loosely) aren’t making money from training “big lick” they will continue to do whatever it takes to get the blue.

    Simple. End of story.

    If you care, don’t frequent those shows, don’t give those trainers your money and don’t give their sponsors your business. That is the only way to actually affect change in a capitalist society.

    • Sweet Pea is absolutely right! Hitting them in the pocketbook is the only way!

      Maybe the HSUS should change their name to “Look the Other Way Society of the United States” because there is nothing “humane” about the treatment of the big lick horses. Grow a backbone for heavens sake!!

  4. Maybe we should lock him in a room and have him write “Soring is bad” on a blackboard 100 times. /grumble

    The HSUS is a joke. Local shelters and rescues do much more good than the HSUS ever could–they’re too busy paying their leadership six figure salaries and trying to ban hunting. I stopped giving them money long ago.

  5. HA! That’s rich, he has to write an article on how soring is bad???? How many of those knuckle dragging morons (no offense to the regular morons) can actually read???
    I’m betting on not too many of them, hell we’ve seen the CL ads so proof reading is out the window as well.

  6. I was watching some of the videos you posted of that movement, and it reminded me of current Champion German Shepherds, which is just as hideous to see. No animal should walk like that.

    I -like- high stepping horses. But the motto isn’t ‘higher and higher’. And it shouldn’t be reached with -those- sorts of methods.

    Horses and dogs and women–getting to monumentally IDIOTIC levels of impossible ‘beauty’ standards that if they don’t meet, they are worthless.

  7. HSUS is a worthless bunch of publicity hounds fronting for animal liberation. Not that I have an opinion or anything.
    I wish all the money they make could go to an organization that wants to do something besides write ridiculous press releases.
    And while I am being crabby, I sincerely hope for jerks who sore horses to get their heads kicked off.

  8. Hi, I work at the HSUS, and wanted to state that we at the HSUS take this abuse seriously and are grateful to the federal authorities for pursuing these criminal cases under the HPA. The primary trainer in the case involving Blackburn (Barney Davis) received a one year jail term and $4000 fine [].

    We also recently conducted an undercover investigation which led to the indictment of a leading trainer, Jackie McConnell [], and others on 52 federal counts and numerous charges under TN animal cruelty code.

  9. You forgot impotent;)

  10. I wasn’t aware that the HSUS adjudicates these cases and hands down punishment.
    Oh, gee, look at that: they don’t. That’s the job of the judicial system.

    If you’ve got a problem with the penalties handed down by the judge, why not take it up with the judge instead of bashing the organization that offered the reward leading to the prosecution of this animal abuser?

  11. That would be the same HSUS that’s kissing Michael Vick’s a$$? Nuff said – :o(

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