White Bird: Wonder

How many times have you ever wistfully thought, “It sure would be nice if my boyfriend, Mom, Uncle Bob (you get the idea), was able to ride along with me today,” knowing them to be the very definition of horseophobic? We are certain that’s a real word.

We’d like to introduce you to Wonder!

He is actually quite wonderful and by sheer coincidence, he is also looking for a home. Wonder is the horse that everyone who is not quite sure of their riding skills is really looking for. If you are a returning rider and you have dreams of racing across the countryside, wind in your hair, sticks in your eyes, forget them. Wonder is the guy you really want, because deep, deep down, you know you aren’t going to be racing anywhere. In your heart of hearts, you just want to go wander around in the woods and have heroic adventures that don’t involve calls to 911. And this is just the guy to go wandering around with. Wonder is brave, gentle and even likes other horses. At the rescue, he is known as “The Official Greeter” because he is the first to make friends with the new arrivals. He is quiet, has no vices (okay, he is a little squirmy when you are tacking him up), and is a generally an all around great guy. He’s even a cool color.

So why is he still here?

Wonder has some medical issues that require maintenance. He has Cushing’s disease and requires daily pergolide. This costs us about $15/month. He must have a low carbohydrate diet and during the months when the grass is green, he must be muzzled. He’s a good sport about all of that. With those two minor considerations, he has not had one case of laminitis since we picked him up. Wonder also has mild uveitis. This has not affected his vision to the best of our ability to determine that, but we keep him on a regimen of daily aspirin powder, just to reduce the incidence of flare-ups. Last, Wonder has some arthritis. Not severe, just enough to keep him from being overly ambitious. A little bute will make you both more comfortable.

This may all sound like a big deal, but it’s honestly not. Wonder is an easy guy to manage and would love to show his new home just how deserving he is.

Vital Statistics: Wonder is in his mid-teens, a blue roan, broom-tailed Appy and about 15H.

Interested in Wonder? Or any of the other amazing horses available at White Bird? Click here! πŸ˜€


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  1. Can I trade him for my pea brain Lusi who keeps throwing me against stuff?
    J/K, I love my goofball, even when he’s being a complete jackass (I have to repeat “he just needs discipline” a lot), but Wonder sure sounds like an awesome ride! How did he end up in a rescue?

  2. He’s absolutely adorable and most likely would be perfect to haul my younger siblings and cousins for a few light rides every week. Unfortunately I can’t afford any more horses until I re home little butt muncher the wonder pony that was kinda dumped on me by the neighbors whose children lost interest in a pony that will nibble on your rear end if you turn your back to him. I need to work with him a lot more before he can go anywhere and be someone else’s wonder pony. At least he has palomino, good legs and laziness going for him.

  3. I found grazing muzzles are detterents against being a human chew toy. Could save your butt from butt muncher. LOL

    Oh he’s a adorable. I’d love another appy. Sadly my pocket book can only afford the 3 I have now. 😦

  4. He is SOOOO cute! Something about older appys just gets me. I wish I had the finances to adopt one.

    In other news, grazing muzzles are such a good idea. Blue ribbon for whoever first thought of that idea.

  5. Wonder is here because his former owner was told by her farrier that he was going to founder if she didn’t take him out of the luscious, green cow pasture that he was in. He was their only horse (the kids really) and she went into a sort of overload when she heard that he needed (gasp!) more managed care. She knew nothing about horses, had no intention of learning more about horses and had no intention of providing him with medication or better care. I’ll give her this: she was up front about her farrier’s concerns and her decision to do nothing, and she picked up the phone and called us. These things assisted us greatly in making the quick decision to get him the heck out of there.

  6. THIS is what an Appy should look like!!!!! If I was still in VA my hubby would be VERY upset with me ’cause Wonder would be coming home with me! LOL!

  7. Awww. He looks a lot like the lesson horse I learned to ride on. Too bad I don’t have an acreage…

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