When *facepalm* isn’t enough

Hello.  And welcome to today’s post.  Boy do we have a speshul treat for you today!

Do you have $50 large burning a hole in your pocket?  Not sure what to do with it?  These people can help you spend that pesky money.  And hey, you can trust them, they claim to rescue horses from starvation!

If you’re looking for a sound investment; something that will really hold its value, they’ve got a deal for you!  Now, you don’t want one of those “trained” horses, no sir-y Bob!  You want a blank slate, something that you can mold in your image.  They’re like putty in your hands, untrained horses, they’ll easily shape to become your dream, nay, your fantasy horse.

$50,000? Hot temperament? Untrained? Jumps in a stock trailer?! How did you know that’s what I always wanted?

Oh.  I’m the only one? Ok, well maybe your tastes run more to this:

She’s only $15,000 more! Plus, as an added bonus, she WILL be over 15 hands and (as if that wasn’t enough), she comes when called.  Hawt damn! Sign me up!

Now Chatty Cherokee, tell me about the person who touched you, was it any of these people?

Did you see a bright light? WALK AWAY FROM THE LIGHT, CHATTY! WALK AWAY FROM THE LIGHT! (Sorry, I had to go there.)

Soooo, is it just me or can no one else figure out the pricing strategy of these two horses?  Are they selling them at such high prices in an attempt to fund their “rescue”?   There have GOT to be better ways to go about getting donations.  Just off the top of my head, you could sell horse shoes on the side of the road – they’d undoubtedly raise more money from that while they’re waiting for someone stupid enough to come along and buy these horses for the posted prices.

Unless those prices are typos?  Maybe they meant a period instead of a comma and legitimately thought there should be three zeros behind it?  $50 and $65 do seem to be more realistic prices for these horses…

Teresa was kind enough to share the following image with me on Facebook yesterday, and I feel it’s quite apt after reading these two ads.


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  1. The prices have to be typos. Don’t they !?!?!?!?

  2. Or else there’s some kind of weird legal backstory where they have to make a show of trying to sell them, though they really intend NOT to. A bad divorce settlement, or something?

  3. My immediate assumption is that they screwed up and meant 5,000 and 6,500 – still high in today’s market, but…

  4. So, by their logic my trained, registered, mellow been-everywhere done-that horse should be worth what… $150,000?

    I’m down with that. Where do I sign up?

  5. Rockin RC Ranch

    I bet it is supposed to be $500.00 and $650.00 and they didnt put a decimal point and the sell site put in a comma for them. I still wouldnt pay that for either horse though………

  6. I do believe they were too stupid to realize that EquineNow does not recognize decimal points. I’m sure they are 500.00 and 650.00, respectively. If they typed the number in with a decimal, $500.00 would post as 50000.

  7. Hey- on the bright side… with those prices we don’t have to worry about these guys being picked up by a meat buyer 🙂

  8. Aha. So it’s a weird site coding issue.

  9. I’m sure they placed a decimal point wrong, or didn’t place one at all and the site did the rest. Honestly. You guys really didn’t think someone was that delusional, did you? I mean, I know horse people have some “special” folks in our ranks but I don’t think any of us assume that an untouched grade pinto mare is worth 65k.

    • With how much “gypsy vanners” go for I wouldn’t be too amazed. A lady down the road breeds a few mares per year and makes a grotesque amount of money off of the offspring that won’t amount to being anything more than a big furry thing in the front pasture because they have prettyful colurs and nasty legs under their feathers.

  10. I want what they’re smoking and I REALLY hope it’s a typo.

  11. And they are probably sitting at home wondering why someone hasn’t called yet. ( LOL ) I agree, the prices should probably be $500 and $650. Given the very basic descriptions in the ads, I think they just didn’t understand how to put in the correct prices. Priced slighty higher than the meat buyers will pay, but still probaly too high to tempt anyone to in invest in such a project.

  12. The first horse is lisred as being named “Joker”. Maybe that should be the owners name?

  13. I have a young gelding who has a really ugly head, but would be gorgeous next to these two. And, mine is even registered. I would love to have them sell my little angle – I would even cut the price to say, $30,000, and give them a commission for selling him as well.

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