How can you adopt out stolen horses?

Wow does this CL poster know how to evoke a number of different emotions in their reader!

“these ponies were stolen via a bad check by a william turner..possesing chechs for a mr antz..beware..reward for return of these rescue ponies..was said they were relocated to maxton area..prob resold…was said given away…any infor call ##########. paint pony rides with or without leadline has one major vice and that she can be hard to catch..will ride in leadline and halter bareback..really doesnt like to bridle due to past carting issue..but will do it..just needs a litle work..coggins good till january exposed to a black and white A sized mini however cant guarentee she took. can’t be rode by a large child as she is very dainty.. other is a mare b sized mini sorrel in color with star stays fat on air..needs training time ..would be best on a dry lot due to her weight increases very easy keeper. She was exposed to black and white mini as well. Both ponies load and bathe…the stallion they were pastured with is double registered so if you luck up and get a baby out of this deal you got one heck of a steal! Both are rescues so i will be checking their prospective homes for safety, vetting, ect this is an adoption fee and if ever you dont want them they are to be brought back to us! this is 200 each one..will separate if you already have a horse or pony for a companion for them..if not they must go together..first come first serve. must go this week. “

First, I was all sad because ponies got stolen. Then I was kinda mad because ponies got stolen!  Then I experienced some confusion because I didn’t understand why they were including details that wouldn’t help the ponies be identified.  And last, but not least, I experienced resignation and bitter humor at the attempt to sell adopt out ponies that they may or may not have.

I don’t know about all of you, but I have problems feeling sorry for an entity calling itself a rescue that goes about pasture breeding their alleged rescue horses!  I don’t know how breeding rescue horses usually goes, but gosh, I don’t think they typically wait til a foal pops out to confirm that the mare is in fact preggers.   Don’t ya just love how the “rescue” will be checking “prospective homes for safety, vetting”?  Isn’t that a mark of a good rescue? I mean, sure, a better rescue would be having their own vet out to at least check whether or not the mares are pregnant, but who’s judging?  Maybe they were stolen before the vet had a chance to check them?  Gosh, I certainly hope they find their way home in time to be adopted out within the stated week deadline.

Ugh, I hope this ad is just a copy and paste job gone wrong – that could certainly explain away some of it.  But there’s no getting around a self-proclaimed “rescue” breeding its adoptable horses.  Where’s my rolled up newspaper?  I need to lay the smack down on some noses.


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  1. What?
    I’m sorry, could you please repost your ad in English?
    Are they stolen? Rescue’s? Mooches?

    Good grief. I’m ignoring that they were bred. Maybe it didn’t happen. Maybe it’s just a massive typo like the ad. I’m really hoping this is a practical joke by you two. *hopes*

  2. I’m lost. They need to sell them this week, but they don’t have them anymore because someone stole them? If they are not there, why the need to find them new homes this week? Ponies who are not there don’t take up too much space. Heck, I have room for 1000 ponies, if they aren’t in my barn! And, they want someone to pay to adopt ponies they don’t have and may never have? They lost me, I haven’t a clue as to what they actually have and how they can be selling it, if they don’t have it.

  3. I am equally confused, but perhaps they were “exposed” to the mini before they came to the “rescue”?? Or perhaps this person got them from a rescue with hopes to turn them around quickly and resell them and in the process exposed them to her mini? I have no idea what’s going on.

  4. Ditto to the above. I’m so confused…

  5. I get it – They the CL seller stole them and now wants somebody to pay for them. They have to be gone this week before the rightful owners catch up with them. They may be bred ’cause there was a stallion in the pasture they stole them out of. They could not catch him or he would be stolen and offered for a rescue fee too. It is the only sense I make out of it.

  6. William Turner is the pirate Orlando Bloom plays in Pirates of the Carribean.
    Hmm…The plot thickens….

  7. I have two thoughts:

    1. I think this is a re-post gone wrong. I think the ponies were stolen via a bad check and then the owner tried to re-post the ad but didn’t remove any of the previous information. All they did was successfully create a cluster-fuck of words.

    2. Can we email the people to find out what’s going on here because I might just lose sleep over this if I don’t find out.

  8. I think that these ponies don’t belong to anyone related to the ad.
    It is another scam, ponies randomly off the internet, like that California woman who “sold” horses as purebred Fresians and either doesn’t have the horse she was selling or it was a poor horse dyed black OR a black horse that was both starved and lame or dangerous.

  9. I did email the CL poster – I just couldn’t resist. This is the reply, typos, disdain for capital letters, and misspellings included.

    um i was in posession of theses ponies at my rescue and they were stolen from me…how is that so sonfusing? i am looking for them as they are microchipped and highly identifiable…therefore who ever that man sold them to can be charged as not do that with their full co operation. t shelly a lil neigh farms

  10. Seriously, what’s the website you find all these ad’s from?!

  11. It’ not a practical joke by you two?

    Oh God.

    It’s five o’clock somewheres right? I need a friggin’ drink.

  12. I can sleep at night now, thanks Paula!

    I still think it’s a re-post gone wrong. She probably found her original adopter on CL and now she re-posted the original ad in attempt to find the ponies, and in case she finds them, she can still advertise them at the same time. I’m not defending her, just trying to make sense. I mean, “how is that so sonfusing?” Isn’t it strange that she took a check from some guy with one name and a different name was on the check? I’m pretty sure that’s a crime. Besides, don’t adoption agencies screen homes? Idiot. She had it coming.

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