Pain in the ass mini donkey

Alright, so our bestest good buddy, Darla Clark of Strawberry Mountain Mustang infamy, shared this CL ad on Facebook last night and upon reading it, we just had to share with all of you!

“Pain in the ass mini donkey

Precocious seven year old with a penchant for opening gates, army-crawling under fences and waking up the neighbors at ungodly hours.

Loves to be groomed by everyone but the one that feeds him. Demands a king’s ransom in the finest hay (only to pee all over anything that might hit the ground). Enjoys regular visits from the vet and farrier (as he routinely causes such a fuss that I need to reschedule).

Thoroughly loves (to chase and maim) dogs and other furry critters. Gets along well with pasture mates (that can out maneuver his back hooves).

Trailers well (probably).

Gelded, though would happily do again.

Potential homes will be thoroughly screened (for video cameras so I can make a clean get away).

Contact with questions.

Fine Print (added 3/12): Despite my big talk here, Donkey is in no danger of being sent to auction or sold to some traveling band of indoor basketball players. I am looking for a home that can give him a job, career or provide that springboard and mentorship into political office. I am not selling him for money, nor am I looking to offload him onto some hoarding situation or Enumclaw funny farm. However, I am asking the same of you and requesting that he be returned if you can no longer care/feed/vet/entertain him. Or, if you find your herd some morning curled up, whimpering and begging for a swift exorcism of the demon donkey. I will do a site visit and check farrier and vet references. If, after reading this not so fine print – you still think you have the perfect fit, please drop me a line. ”

There’s been so much negativity lately, and actually, the post that I had been working on for today was a not to so happy one either.  It just seemed like it was about time for a legit giggle, as well as a CL seller that actually cares for their animal – regardless of it being a constant pain in their derriere 😉


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  1. This is Gold, Ladies!

    Best laugh I’ve had in a long while!

    I hope this lil’ guy finds the right home.

  2. Most hilarious CL ad I’ve ever seen! You gotta love blatant honesty! XD
    I hope their demon donkey DOES find a good home with a job.

  3. Somebody out there must have a cute little miniature donkey-sized cart, surely.

  4. “Demon Donkey” *snort*

    I love this ad. If nothing else, she’ll get a lot of looks because she was, you know, actually honest…

  5. 🙂 Donkies, they are demons. They can teach you more patience than a day trip to the Art Gallery with a class full of ADHD kids with a box of Oreo’s, 2 cases of Red Bull and a box of Sharpies.

  6. krazykritter2186

    This… is… AWESOME!

    Giant kudos to the owner ::stands&applauds::

  7. Got to love the honesty here. Lol. How often do you get that in a CL horse advertisement?

  8. Thanks for the giggle girlz!

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