White Bird: Tilly

Today, White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue would like to introduce Tilly πŸ™‚

Some people are driven to succeed. They are the first people to show up at the office in the morning and the last to leave. For vacation, they climb mountains in the Andes while everyone else is drinking too much tequila in Cancun. They have their cars inspected a full month before the stickers are due- and they recycle.

Meet Tilly. If Tilly were human, she would be none of those things. Tilly would show up late to work every day and lie happily passed out on beaches while passersby made disdainful comments in a foreign language. She would drive around on a dead sticker and shamelessly mix her glass, paper and tin together before dumping it all in the garbage. She would forget her children’s birthdays, and if she were your best friend, yours.

Does that make her bad? No. Tilly and her human counterparts are simply not influenced by the mores of society or the expectations of others. She is content to go with the flow, at her own slow speed, occasionally stepping on people’s feet in the process because she has not quite mastered that personal space thing. Tilly is a Chestnut Quarter horse mare in her late teens. She stands about 15 Hands. She was surrendered to us a few years ago with an acute bronchial condition, but it soon resolved itself and we do not consider her to be heavy. She was adopted to a home that loved her, but a divorce caused her to be returned to the rescue. Now, Tilly needs a new home. With someone who leaves dishes in the sink and doesn’t want to do much more than walk around because they have no set goals for themselves. Or someone who would like a sweet lead line pony for youngsters that is sensible and kind, if a little inconsiderate.

The world is full of overachievers and some of us find them annoying. Tilly is a horse you can identify with.


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  1. Tilly sounds like my kind of girl!!


  3. Damn, I have a pasture full of under achievers. She’d be welcome here (If only they would just poop out money).

  4. Dear lord she sounds like my spirit animal… just trade Cancun for Puerto Vallarta.

  5. I love this description!

  6. Moonbrained Mare

    best horse ad I’ve read! xD

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