People like you give horse girls a bad name

In 3…2….1… Let the whining begin!

Isn’t there a Bible passage or something that says “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”? Ya? Well I think we should modify it slightly so that instead of “witch” it says “whiny little bitch” (or WLB, for convenience).  All in favor say “Aye”!

Do you think that’s the natural pitch of her voice or is that perhaps a learned behavior?

WLB: “Mom I want a pony” (like a normal human being).

Mom: “No”

WLB: “But mooooom”

Mom: “Fine, just STFU”

How embarrassing that must have been for her mother.  This isn’t some 10 year old throwing a fit.  This is a teenager!  And while they’re not exactly known for their decision making skills, I would like to think that by the time puberty hits they’d have, at least, a firm grasp of the concept of respecting others.  Actually, I would hope the whole respect thing would be even more ingrained because she’s a rider.  But maybe that’s because I was always taught, and firmly believe, that riding is a privilege.  About a month after I started riding, when I was 9, I started helping out with stalls (not sure how helpful I was…) to get extra lessons.  Does that not happen anymore? What’s with all these kids getting horses and not even knowing how to clean a stall?! That just seems so wrong to me.  That’s probably another topic for another day.

Back to the video! I love this judge.  She is totally right.  My favorite line is the rider’s response when the judge says that she’s the judge and she makes the rules: “yeah but I’m riding”.

Soooo, do you want to give out the ribbons then?  Why is that even a valid answer?  You’re in a specific class where you’re being judged on a specific skill – you don’t enter a dressage show and jump in and out of the arena and expect a pretty blue ribbon because you left all the markers standing! If you’re paying someone to judge you, don’t you think you should listen to them?!

Is it not the true mark of a spoiled brat to say things like “but that’s not fair!” and to think that apologizing makes everything alright?  Sometimes sweetheart, sorry ain’t good enough.


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  1. I love the horse’s attitude…… just resigned to his miserable fate of having a whiny brat on his back. I would’ve gone in, clipped a rope onto the horse’s bit and led him out of the ring on behalf of the judge.

  2. No shortage of this type in the horse world…at all! I could write a book, I was one of thoser kids from a non horsey family who worked for every lesson, ride, eventually a rescue horse, and board. And if you ever work in an A circuit barn you’ll learn that they don’t change as they get to 20, 30, 49…..I can’t count the times I wanted to knock one of them sideways!
    So I don’t work in A circuit barns anymore LOL. Little privilaged entitled princesses make my eye twitch. My only consolation was being able to ride them into the dirt on a regular basis, and place higher than them on my ex-feedlot resident OTTB 😀

  3. I would have loved to have done that Frances but I don’t think you can actually grab the horse without the parent’s permission. I heard the Mom in the background, it should hve been her that went in there and dragged that whiny witch off her horse!

  4. As an FYI- The girl being videotaped is NOT NOT NOT the one whining. It’s the girl on the paint in pink. This was posted on the description.

  5. I am surprised all the other riders didn’t immediatly loose their eggs because they were clapping for the judge! Good call judge, and by the response from the mom filming, it’s not the first time this girl was a problem in the ring. And it got caught on film to boot. How cool is that.

  6. All that for an egg and spoon race?

  7. I got this kind of backchat from *university* students! They have an egregious sense of entitlement and self-righteousness that’s enough to give a gopher the heartburn. Several students’ written work was so bad (passages that were totally incomprehensible) that I failed them. In conference, one of them: a) blew off every criticism; b) tried the tears route (“but I worked so haaaaaard!”); and when that didn’t work, went straight to, “Well! Who can I talk to about this?” (i.e., I’m going straight to the dean.) Fortunately, the brass was 100% behind me on this. One of the most obnoxious and incompetent students was so delusional about her ability that she was applying to graduate school!

    As for kids – at the grocery store, a kid about 10 or 11 rode his bike right into the store. HIs mother was with him but did nothing, so I swooped down and said, “Off the bike.” quietly but firmly. I was continuing my shopping when a couple of moments later, the mother and the kid confronted me; “My son says you were mean to him.” I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Did I yell at you?” “No…” “Did I swear at you?” “No…” “What did I say then?” “You said get off the bike.” “Was that mean?” “Um, I guess not…”
    Of course, what I *should* have done is nail the mother: “Why was it up to me to speak to your son? Why didn’t *you* do it?”
    But parents are afraid to do anything that might make their kids mad at them!

    • Good on you! I used to work part time at a grocery store when I was about 17 and I saw a LOT of spoiled kids come in that drove me nuts.

      One child in particular (probably around 6 years old) sat at the end of my register and reached his hand towards me. I thought he was shy and wanted to help put the bag in the shopping trolley, and while I was thinking about what a good boy he was for wanting to help his mum and I, I handed him a light bag but rather than taking it, he grabbed my hand and refused to let go. His mother eventually persuaded him to let go of my hand after he had squeezed it and pinched me and I had asked him several times to let go of me.

      A few months later a little boy came through the register with his mother and I thought he looked familiar. I continued scanning and as I went to put the grocery bag on the little shelf, his hand latched on to mine. His mother said “Do you remember him now?” Yes, I remembered. He then proceeded to grab my little finger and my ring finger and pull them backwards. His mum finally opened his hand. Took her long enough! He was only small and didn’t really hurt me, but that’s not the point. It’s not like I could pry his fingers off me or yell at him, but it would have been nice if his mother told him that he is not allowed to hurt people.

  8. *** Applauds Jen!!***
    And *** applauds the judge***
    Man when I started riding, I worked at a riding stable, with rent by the hour nag/horses.. I got up soo early to groom and saddle, then spend ALL day, ALL summer taking people out on hour long rides for tips, just to ride a horse.
    I started my english lessons, by cleaning tack, lots of it, for hours for a 1 hour group lesson.
    I got my first horse at 16 for my birthday, a hundred dollar park saddle, a bit from an antique store, I used my lead rope for reins, and made my own bridle and standing martingale out of thin rope.
    And immediately I had to get a job at Jack in the Box and then at Wendy’s to pay for my horse… I have been doing that ever since.
    I have done some small open shows, and schooling shows.. and at 42, I hope to do a few parades and shows this year.
    I have an old battered truck, a 53 yr old horse trailer that spent most of its life in AZ before I got it. A 115 dollar Stuebben that I got at our local horse fair in the used tack sale.
    I work hard for all I have.. and would NEVER talk back, even at 13-18 or older to a judge…

  9. I cannot believe the other riders did not lose their eggs from laughing at how ridiculous that was. I am not sure I could have held my composure. I love the smile on the judge’s face! (that was the judge, right?)

  10. As I used to tell my son. Tonite YOU will be one of the topics discussed at the supper table by the other people at the event.

    Hypothetically, this is how it will go.

    Girl: oh my god! She argued with the judge and then apologized thinking that would make it ok.

    Parent: That was disrespectful. Did anyone besides the judge say anything?

    Girl: Some other mom told the judge she did the right thing.

    Parent: Where were her parents?

    Girl: I dont know. But, I think she talks to her mother that way, too.

    Insert me. My son is ADHD. He would beg and plead in the store when I had already told him “No!”. He would just keep it up and keep it up. One day, I had had enough. Soooo,
    standing in the grocery store at the check out I stated in a REALLY loud voice. ” I have told you NO numerous times.” My voice gets louder and louder. People are starting to look at us. “I am not buying you any candy! End of discussion.”

    This is one of the few times I literally embarrassed my son to death out in public. I really wanted to beat his ass raw. I cant imagine anyone calling DCFS on me. (yeah, right). He was mortified and I got my lb. of flesh without touching him.

    • LayWomansHorse

      My kids would get in HUGE trouble if they EVER spoke to any adult the way the girl on the video did – that is for sure!

      When my kids were little we used to play the “No Game”. They would look at a candy bar and say:

      Kid “Mom, Can I have the candy bar?”
      Me: “No, but you can ask me again.”
      Kid: “Can I have the candy bar?” (w/quizzical look on face)
      Me: “No but you can ask me again.”
      Kid: Really leery and unsure voice “Can I have the candy bar?”
      Me: with big devious smile “No, but you can ask me again… do you know why?”
      Kid: looking for enlightenment “Why?”
      Me: “Because I like telling you NO… (insert devious laughter)
      Kid: “smiles and laughs “Moooommmm..”
      Game over… Mom wins….

      Once or twice of doing this game to the kids and they stopped asking me for the candy bar and now I can “treat” them to the candy bar when they are good and they don’t expect me to give it to them… There are several variations but every time I do it with neices or nephews that have never played before it mostly ends the same way. The people who are around and see it laugh and commend me on handling it well and not giving in.

      Try it.. it works.. and it feels good to laugh at/with them!

  11. Some people think that their actions have no consequences– that they can do whatever they want, and as long as they say “sorry” or “I didn’t mean it” later, nothing will happen to them. Good for the judge. This girl’s parents obviously didn’t ever let her face the true consequences of her actions.

  12. I watched the video and kept thinking “boy this place looks so familiar”…then upon watching it through I realized this is a familiar place and my friend was the judge. We grew up showing together and would have never dreamed of mouthing off to a judge. Our parents would have ripped us from our horses and brought us home. She is a fantastic judge and I am so not surprised by her response. 🙂 Good for you judge!

  13. Tracey Beaulieu

    Hello all. I am the judge in that video. I would like to thank you all for your supportive comments.

    • You are full of win.

      When I judged the “hold your water” class, that’s one of my favourite tests is to make them switch hands…Next to holding it above their head where they can’t see it :).

  14. Once upon a time in high school, a girl I knew got a B in dance class….and her mom was furious. The mother made the dance teacher’s life so miserable that the teacher quit her job instead of raising the girl’s grade to an A. People are very strange.

  15. Wow I would have never EVER thought of arguing with the judge. My mom, my friends mom, my 4H leader (or trainer), my 4H leaders mom and whoever else who happened to be by would have taken turns dragging me off my horse and giving me a tongue lashing I would have never forgotten. Then I would have had to apologize to the judge, THEN I would have been cleaning stalls for a month straight.

    Where is the respect jeez. It doesn’t matter what YOU think, it matter what the judge thinks. And seriously its a for fun show, just shut up and listen.

  16. I’m right there with the other Jen; except I’m in the elementary school setting. Had a sixth grade girl just the other day defiantly shouting justifications in the face of a teacher while she was reprimanding the girl for her behavior. It is unbelievable. I would bet my last dollar that video clip girl’s mother allows her to talk that way at home. As a traditional parent, you want to know what I think? Soap. Kids today need lots more soap. I tell the kids at school all the time they should be thankful they don’t belong to me, as I’d be washing that smart right out of their mouths for sure. 😉

    My two educational cents: What’s really sad is (and I can say this, as I’m an interpreter and not a teacher) that the teachers are rarely the problem. Unfortunately “teacher accountability” makes for great political fodder, and it doesn’t seem to matter that it almost completely misses the mark. For every lousy teacher I’ve seen in the past 15 years (only a couple), I’ve seen hundreds of lousy parents. This is one of my soap box things, as I watch teachers every day trying desperately to teach in spite of the ever increasing student/teacher ratio, decreased parent involvement, no money, and a burgeoning bureaucracy (the paperwork is unreal). Honestly? You couldn’t pay me enough to be a teacher.

    Case in point: In DD’s high school class, one of the boys (who slept every day in class, and rarely did his work) bombed his English exam. When the teacher refused to create a special extra credit assignment so he could pass (because hello? not even trying), this was his response: “You know what? Go ahead and fail me, I don’t care. It’s all your fault I failed anyway; because you didn’t do your job and teach it to me. Your class s*cks.” Never mind the fact that this kid was staying out until all hours; or that the teacher interrupted class 5 times a day to try to wake him up and get him involved. What about the fact that she made study guides and went over grades with them on a regular basis? Sadly, it doesn’t always matter when the teachers are undermined by parents and overruled by principals at every turn (and yeah, he passed).

    Okay now I’m cranky. Where’s the chocolate?

  17. If that were one of my kids I would have drug their @ss out and took them home after I made them apologize to everyone who was taking part in this. There is no reason for such disregard where will that get her in life????? (Glad others pointed out it wasn’t the girl in the tape that was doing this) It seemed to me no one else was having issues hope they all went on to have a great time

  18. The whole reason for the left hand thing was the show was huge, the classes before this one had about 15 entries, so we decided before they all started, make it a little harder. Actually the class before this one, it got down to two girls for quite some time, so I stopped them and had them put the spoon in their mouth. Everyone was having a good time. Until…

    I should clarify, the video doesn’t show the start of the exchange, she was given plenty of time to decide if she wanted to ride like everyone else or leave. The very nice and polite girl on the chestnut who was being taped was not in the ring yet when the whole thing started. I was told by the show managers that this girl is usually a problem at every show. And the girl’s grandmother thanked the show committee for her getting booted out of the ring. The girl was 17 or 18. I just wanted to clarify her age. I read some of the comments on Youtube and was like ‘ouch’! (ok, I admit I need to loose weight, lol) and some people seem to be under the impression I was yelling at a child. I did feel bad after, thinking I was too harsh but quite a few people told me after the show that she has been a problem at this show grounds for quite some time. The girl’s 4-H leader told me the girl recently moved herself out of her grandmother’s house, and I saw that she drove herself to the show, and she and her boyfriend verbally attacked the show booth and were asked to leave the grounds, so while she might of acted like one, she wasn’t a child. 18 is an adult in this state.

    Anyway, I want to thank you all again for the positive comments, I was feeling pretty low after reading the YouTube comments.

    • You handled it very well, despite what anyone on youtube says. Anyone who can’t see that she was being rude and disrespectful is probably that way themselves and shouldn’t be taken to seriously. You were great =D

      P.S – Your weight is nobody else’s business, they are just looking for something to be mean about.

    • I think you did the right thing. I applaud you. Do not let the youtube comments get to you I know easier said than done. I saw someone else say they were looking for something to be mad at and it is true also bullies are bullies some never change.

  19. Tracey;

    [FWIW] I think you were absolutely justified to send that young lady packing. The fact that she is old enough, or almost old enough to vote scares the heck out of me.

    As to the comments? Well. I’d say just consider the source; idiots abound on the ‘net don’tcha know 😉

  20. I’m 16, I ride, but I only ride because I asked a neighbor if I could ride in exchange for barn work. I clean stalls, stack hay, run errands, turn out, feed, all sorts of stuff.
    And sometimes, I do all that and don’t even get to ride that day. But, because I’ve been responsible and helpful, my instructor/neighbor trusts me with the horses. When she goes away for vacation, she’ll leave the horses in my care because she know I’ll respect her rules and be responsible with her horses. I have barn privileges and I can be at the barn alone and ride.
    I would NEVER speak to my instructor or a judge like that! Especially in public! It’s embarrassing for everyone involved, judge, other competitors, parents, spectators, and IF that girl had any decency, embarrassing for her too! I’d be MORTIFIED if, god forbid, I EVER spoke to someone like that! It’s one thing to disagree with your parents, but even that should happen respectfully, in your own home, not in public like that!
    If I spoke to someone that way, I hope someone would whack me over the head and give me a talking to!
    It’s not right for anyone of any age to challenge someone with authority over them so disrespectfully…

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