You wouldn’t butcher a teacup pig for bacon

So why are you using a miniature horse for riding?

Here’s a hint, if your legs are dragging on the ground, not unlike the knuckles of cavemen past, you shouldn’t be riding it.

There are some people who hold to the school of thought that mini horses aren’t for riding, period.  Others believe the generalized 20% rule applies.  The latter has since been confirmed by the good people of the Canadian Miniature Horse Association.  The American one never did get back to me.  I sometimes wonder if the name of the blog throws people off when we’re contacting them for legit info.  Meh.

So, if we’re adhering to the 20% rule (the weight on the horse’s back shouldn’t be more than 20% of the horse’s own weight) then a miniature horse should never carry more than a small child.  Which begs the question, who’s going to break it?  Perhaps leading us back to the former group believing minis aren’t for riding.

Assuming you have a fairly docile mini and decide to throw your small child up for a ride, it likely doesn’t look like this:

Nor this:

I would love to know what the hell is going through these people’s heads that they think it’s so freaking cool to ride a horse with shorter legs than they have.

What? Tired of using the frakking mounting block?!  Too much effort to climb up those two short steps, so instead you’d rather just swing your leg over the horse’s back without your other foot ever leaving the safety of the ground?

Now, I know that some pony breeds are known for being stout little troopers who are able to pack around significantly more than 20% of their weight.  But I think some people are mistaking Shetlands for miniatures! Either that or they don’t care at all what they’re doing to that poor horse.

A while back we noted a child on a miniature horse that was clearly too big for it (see here).  Now, after seeing the above two photos, we’re *facepalming* even harder.  THE ABSOLUTE IDIOCY AND DISREGARD OF THE PHYSICAL COMFORT OF THE HORSE THAT HAS TO CART YOUR ASS AROUND IS ASTOUNDING!


Just because it’s an equid doesn’t mean you can ride it.


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  1. I’m actually in the minis aren’t for riding school. If it’s so small that it can only carry a very young child, then I’m not confident it can be trained safely.

    However, minis are quite capable of *carting* your ass around ;).

  2. I agree. My neighbour has a mini and he lets (should there be an apostrophe there? Christ, I can’t remember) the neighbours kid ride the poor thing- she’s NOT a little girl. I’d much rather see the little fella getting his much needed excercise pulling. Plus he was letting her ride him when he was a little under two. *growls*

  3. I am on and the FAQ says minis should not be ridden by a person that weighs more the 70 pounds. That would still be a child, and that is not an apropriate rider to be breaking a horse to ride. I am also of the school that minis should not be ridden, unless we can shrink competant riders down to break them to ride.

  4. People just suck, sometimes. Poor little guys…

  5. I use mini horses in an educational/entertainment act for children. For that, I use teddy bears in the saddle as riders. I do also give rides at parties with my larger sized, mature, minis which weigh 350-400 pounds. There is a strict weight limit of under 60 pounds, with the kids no more than six years old. However, most of the riders are much smaller kids, we only walk them around in a little circle, and we have adult sidewalkers. As we walk with them, physically keeping a hand on each kid, we tell them facts about horses, so it’s also educational. The minis don’t even notice the little kids on them. The smaller ones are only used for petting. We use one mini for petting and an adult holds the mini while kids pet them, one at a time. I have one mini that is 26 inches tall and he’s used for nursing home visits. Riding him is unthinkable, and even hitching him to a little cart is probably never going to happen. He thinks he’s a Clydesdale, but I know he’s not. His purpose in life is to make sad people happy, forgotten people remembered, and sick people forget their illness for a little while. Every time I look at him, I smile. So, I share him with others so they can smile too. Would I let a bunch of older or heavier kids ram around on my minis as shown in the photos ….no way!

  6. I can’t begin to count the number of videos I’ve found on youtube that show teenagers and adults climbing onto the back of a mini and then when the poor thing attempts to run away, buck, rear, spin, anything to dump the excessive weight off it’s back, the idiots claim it’s not because they are hurting the horse or the horse is in pain, but because the horse is just playing around. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  7. Did a 12 y/o on her period for the first time write this?

    There are a lot of examples of -healthy- minis being ridden by appropriately sized riders. Not everyone who rides a mini is too big, or lazy to use a mounting block, etc.

    • Minis (which are often dwarfs of some degree) or actual old-style, non-dwarf, Shetland ponies?
      Yes, there’s a difference, unfortunately far too many people aren’t educated enough to tell.

      Btw.. HEALTHY and APPROPRIATELY SIZED are very important words in regards to this.
      The two images that were posted depict FAR from appropriately sized riders.

      Dwarfism isn’t anything to joke around about either. Even though it may not look physically problematic in some cases.. it can still contribute to not so obvious
      conformational defects that should preclude that animal from doing anything more strenuous than pulling a small cart with a light driver.

    • Kate, Did you not read the entire post? She wasn’t bashing everyone who rides minis. Only the people who shouldn’t be riding minis.

  8. This is one of my biggest pet peeves…just because it’s a horse, and it’s a hoot to see your 5 foot 7 friend who’s afraid of horses sitting on a mini with her knees up to her chin, DOESN’T mean anyone can sit on it. If you can find a way to safely break a mini, in a manner that is comfortable for the mini, then sure, use it for your little kid to ride. Poor things.

  9. The fact that many, many, many “minis” also suffer from some really horrendous conformational defects is another reason why they should not be ridden.
    And not all of those conformational defects are immediately noticeable to even relatively experienced people. However, they are defects that are bad enough to preclude that mini from even carrying a small child any amount comfortably.
    Dwarfism is a bitch.

    Is it just me, or are the pasterns dropped on the mini in the second pic? That woman is LITERALLY nearly the size of that pony.
    I’d haul her ass off and boot her across the pasture. Fecking hell.

  10. Ginger jackson

    The fatass in the second photo should be wearing the saddle and the mini riding her.

  11. I don’t even get why minis were bed in the first place. There are already plenty of pony breeds that actually have the conformation to be able to carry adult riders on their backs. Even if they are meant to be used as children’s mounts, they need to be trained first, so that means they have to carry the weight of an adult rider while they are learning to balance themselves and building up muscles.

    I think minis make cute pasture ornaments and companion pets. But I think they’re kind of like those miniature dogs, don’t really see the use for them other than looking cute (and I’m not too crazy about mini dog breeds either).

    As for those asshats who think it’s “cool” to ride minis, I think they’re just afraid to ride anything bigger than they are. After all, if they’re smaller than you, they can’t buck you off, right?

    • Miniature horses, from what I remember of my mother’s history spiel, have two different origins. The English side, which bred them down from ponies and full sized horses as some fad or another. And then the Falabella pony side which originated from a small group of ponies in Argentina that was isolated for generations and found. The herd that was found, if I remember correctly, was taken over by humans as they were small enough to work the mines in the area.

      Our little guy stands at 33in. and wighs about #240-250 depending on what he has eaten during the day. My mother has a lovely mini-sized and really light western saddle for him that gets used for the occasional photo-shoot. We occasionally allow parents with really young children (think 2-4 years) the opportunity to get a picture with their kid on him and occasionally allow a few steps.

      But for the most part he is our remarkable little trail driving horse that has quite the reputation in the local nursing homes, libraries, schools ect.

      • Hey, minis can do tons of stuff! Check out these minis show jumping, one of them over a fence higher than it is:

        The AMHA honor roll list includes halter, showmanship, costume, obstacle (similar to a trail class), hunters, jumpers, pleasure driving, country pleasure driving, obstacle driving, roadster and liberty. They just don’t jump with riders. And if that’s pointless, so is dog agility.

        • Many minis are FANTASTIC jumpers! I’ve personally handled one who jumped a solid 2’9″ oxer at 20 years old- REPEATEDLY. He loved it, it was a good 30 minutes before we could walk without him jigging.

          • Thats how my little show mini…at 18 years…is too! Loves to jump but when he decides, “Okay I’m done for the day,” he will plow right through the jump, then give a little buck and flip of his tail to show us who’s really the one in control….LOL! So we don’t over-jump him during practice and mix it up a bit with alot of zig-zags, backing and whatever else we can think of to keep his mind fresh and on his task. outside of that he will easily walk away with a Championship in jumper class at our local shows!

        • Hey, I have no problem with minis being given a job, as long as it suits their conformation, I just don’t get why there was a need to create minis in the first place.

    • I am the girl in the first picture.
      I ride off the track TBs, not afraid to ride psycho crazy baby TBS.
      This is my mini I have had since she was BORN. I realize some of you may frown upon this, but see my comment below. I sat on her for 30 seconds. She had her ears back because our family cow was coming up behind her, whom she dislikes. Say what you want, but I love her and she ADORES me. She follows me like a puppy. Also, she is quite robust and is half shetland. By no means does she struggle or dislike me doing this.
      Thanks though, for assuming I am a giant asshole. Feel free to gaze at the pictures of my pony and TB on my blog at

  12. As a miniature horse enthusiast I can say that riding ANY mini in my book is wrong, but that is my own opinion drawn from my own observations. There are appropriate sized mini’s that can be ridden, though. Size “B” miniatures are usually larger than the smaller “A” mini, generally over 36 inches and over 300 pounds, although that is still small in my opinion. I feel that if it’s under 40 inches (10 hands) it should NOT be ridden at all. BUT that being said, the rider should be a child of appropriate height/weight too, and NOT an older child, teen or adult. And the mini should be led or have been trained by another, more experienced child under the close eye of a responsible, knowledgeable adult. My own daughter, at age 7, trained a large…38 1/2 inches… mini gelding we had been given who had been spoiled as a “kyooot baby pony”. After gelding him and working with him with the basics of manners, when he was ready, I supervised her VERY closely, never being further than 10 feet away and in a (normal sized) roundpen. I coached her on what to do, how to do it and how to react and was there beside her from the groundwork with him til the day he went on a short trail ride (I rode my 13.3 hand Marsh Tacky pony mare close beside them) to the day we loaded him the trailer to go to his new home as a well behaved, well broke child’s riding pony. My teenage daughter had also trained him to be a nice driving pony, but at his size I KNEW someone would put a kid on him so figured I’d make sure he was ready for it when we sold him. Mini’s were first bred as pets for royalty to amuse their children, but when it was discovered they were strong pullers, they ended up being bred even smaller to work in the mines to fit through small tunnels pulling coal carts. Mini’s are NOT just yard ornaments or pets….they can be driven either for pleasure or competion, shown in-hand in showmanship and halter, and shown in-hand in jumping, trail/obstical course or any other number of in-hand classes. Less intimidating than a regular sized horse, they can help those (adults and children) with fear overcome it and learn about horses. Many who have handicaps or weight problems who cannot “ride” a horse turn to minis so they can compete or just enjoy horses still. A mini can usually easily pull twice it’s own weight (my 33 inch show mini weighed about 240-250 lbs.), so two normal sized adults or even a single heavy person in the cart usually doesn’t phase your average size mini. Now a tiny dwarf mini with obvious deformaties of the face and legs should really never be used for anything but as a pet since it has conformation faults and genetic issues that can affect it’s health. I saw one teen at State 4H Horse Show that was a very large girl…about 250 plus pounds….driving a tiny 28 inch deformed dwarf mini in competion. The poor little mare huffed and puffed so bad trying to drag the cart through the deep arena footing lugging that girl’s weight. It was hard to watch. That was pure WRONG!

  13. I have a mini who is broke to ride and drive. She’s about 35 inches but is very compact and solidly builted. I drove her for several years before she was broke to ride, so she knew stearing, stopping and voice commands. I am blessed with very long legs and can actually stand over her back. I spent a few weeks standing over her back and putting a very small amount of weight on her until she was completely ok with it. Next came the saddle and a very small 9 year old girl who was an accomplished rider. She weighed a little over 60 pounds and was really hard to find. Started out with a side walker who could just grab her if anything went wrong and a leader. Everything went really well and seeing as how she was broke to ride it took about a dozen rides for her to figure out leg pressure and she was amazing. Now she is used for lessons on and off lead and goes to local gymkhanas all summer. She does have a 70 lb weight limit which includes her tack and is less then 20% of her weight. I think the riding is great for her and she loves it! She is perfect for kids who are timid non assertive riders as her size is much less intimating. Would I do this with any mini? No, small or lighter boned minis should only be used for driving in my opinion. Sorry for typos. On my iPod.

  14. My sister- who’s three- has been riding a miniature horse since she was about two. She’s had her first fall off of that guy, she’s never used a saddle, she’s trotted him, and she’s definitely done some not-very-pony-club-approved things on him! However, she always wears a helmet, her hard-toed cowgirl boots, and you’d better believe I’ve taught her to keep her heels down and eyes up!
    They’re an adorable little match and they’ve learned so much together- but the moment she outgrows him- she gets to move to a bigger pony. 🙂

  15. WOW thanks for that! Just for your information, I do NOT ride my mini around, I merely sat on her for like, 30 seconds. I hope to use her for a mount for my future children. There was a cow coming up behind her, which is why her ears are back. Also, FYI, she is half shetland and not even technically a “mini”. IN case you didn’t notice, she is quite robust.
    Thank you SO very much for making me look like an asshole. I take excellent care of my animals and I have had my mini since birth, She is a very sweet pony and acts like a big dog and is very well trained. Ask ANYONE who knows me and my horses. They are always treated fairly and I would never do anything to hurt them.
    How dare you assume things like that about me and my horses.

    • 1 – it doesn`t *really* matter what breed she is, you`re too big if you have to bend your knees like that.
      2 – Where do you think I got the picture? Someone who knows you sent it in (by the way, the did say you treat your other horses well). There were no assumptions made about you or your other horses – observations were merely made about your riding the mini in the photo, and even then it was only used as an educational example as opposed to a direct attack on you.
      3 – but you are doing something to hurt the mini, you`re too big for her. Period.

      • She is not in pain. Puh-lease leave your nose out of my business and keep on assuming things about which you do not understand.
        This picture was taken all in fun. If you think Z is not having fun, go ahead and look on my blog for an explanation. And I have another picture to prove that she is totally aok with this. And I’m not “riding” her. Just sitting. The other woman is quite obviously overweight, and RIDING the dang pony. Which I do not do.
        But really, just go ahead and keep judging. You’re not in my shoes and you have no IDEA what you are talking about.

  16. Also if any of you haters wish to see who I am and my life with horses, PLEASE feel free to take yourselves over to my blog (of which there are lots of pictures of my mini under “Yankee’s sister”

  17. First of all, I want to say that I agree minis should not be ridden by riders who are not appropriate for their size. However, comparing the two photos used is ridiculous. The one rider, as I’m sure you saw when you found the picture, is in flip flops, no helmet, sitting on her mini that she was previously hugging and kissing on multiple pictures. There are no pictures of this rider actually working the horse, only sitting on her smiling.

    This being said, the second picture is absolutely not okay. That rider is far too large to be WORKING the mini pony.

    Additionally, you should not be posting pictures with faces of people covered that you found most likely on their Facebook. I know the girl on the first picture. That pony is well cared for, loved on constantly, and not used for riding. Please, check your facts and use pictures of people actually riding minis, not just sitting on them.

  18. Not sure where you’re getting the idea we are “haters”…You said you can’t figure out why they were bred in the first place, we explained why and their uses today. People breed animals for their own entertainment. Almost every domestic breed of animal has “minis” that were bred for entertainment and novelty. Where’s the “hate” ’cause I’m not seeing it.

  19. Wait…thats YOU in the pic? Okay, I take what I just said back….YEP I’m a hater…..You obviously weren’t planning only a 30 second ride (still too long for anyone to be riding a mini) decked out in full trail riding gear and cramming your feet into stirrups.

  20. Im not the (edited by DE) ************* 2nd pic. Im the first rider, in a red hoodie. That Hating is from Snarky. She needs to read my response to her that I posted on my blog.

    • Oh, she read it. And loved it! Especially that most of what you say in it is defending yourself against accusations that were never made. lol

      • Good 🙂
        Oh they were made. When you even used my picture in this post. By doing so, you automatically label me and define me by the entirety of your post.
        But wait….let me bow down to your all knowingness. HAIL to THEE!!! OH LAWDY! SNARKY IS THE KNOWLEDGE GOD OF EQUINDOM!! HAIL!!

        • This entire argument is ridiculous. First off, snarkyrider, I do agree that minis should not be ridden by people who are not appropriate to their size. However, Monica was not riding, simply sitting. There are multiple pictures of Monica and her very happy mini.
          Additionally, by superimposing the smiley over Monica’s face you are forcing an interpretation of the picture on the viewer that the originally picture may not have expressed. By doing this you’re falsely representing the intent of the rider.
          Finally, you are taking photos of someone and putting them on a website and talking badly about them without them knowing. You are creating a bias on the public Internet that many people can see, even people that Monica may know are now getting information from you about how she may be mistreating her animals.

          As I said, I agree about not riding minis if you are not appropriately sized to do so, but I do not agree with you positing pictures of MY friends and falsely representing them.

  21. Yep I was wrong….you are the first picture. Nice…makes it all better now? My mistake for misreading your rant….I must bow down to you for having absolutely perfect “reading skills” as I am not as perfect as you deem yourself to be. I can improve my reading skills…but it still makes you an asshat for even thinking that sitting on a mini is cute and okay.

    • Haha, never said I was perfect. Just being snarky over the fact that you can’t read. It is pretty simple.

      Just a bunch of butthurt horse people that have to express their every opinion on the internet. I’m pretty much over it now. Had my rant-think whatever you want. I’m just going to go about living “perfectly” now 🙂

      • this is hysterical.
        You clearly didn’t read when you lost your shit over the post. Why do you need a led rope rein if you’re just sitting for 30 seconds? I call bullshit on you.

        AND….you accusing others of being butthurt horse people expressing their every opinion? Are you fucking kidding me? Pot, kettle, hello!? You posted the pic on the internetz, you’re doing something that people don’t agree with, someone wrote about it…THEIR OPINION ON THEIR BLOG – do those words sound familiar? Ah yes, you wrote them on your blog when people got on you for snivelling like a 4 year old.

        Suck it up. If you can’t handle the critcism of the internetz, don’t play here.

  22. I’ve never been to this blog before today. I guess it’s kind of a Fugly knockoff? Let’s hate on random horse things because we feel safe behind the anonymity of a computer screen? Yay high school for grownup horsepeople? GOP party, the barn version? I don’t really get why we bother to hate each other. Don’t we have better crap to do?

  23. Nope not today! Feeling pretty good and snarky myself about not having to go to work today, house is clean and am bored with going to the beach all the time. Currently don’t have my horses so can’t go do horsie things. Worked my ass off being a mom and trying to work and be a wife at the same time. Earned my way to where I am now. My own kids are now in their 20’s and as cock-sure about life as you are….they know EVERYTHING. And expressing MY every opinion on the internet? Honey, I’m not the spoiled rich kid with her own blog who squeals happily when her horse clears a jump. Oh and about not being able to read….yep you’re right…maybe I need to find my reading glasses ’cause I missed a single sentence. But you’re STILL an asshat….that will never change. Good god I love being an old cranky bitch sometimes! Thanks Snarky for letting me be one here….it’s been a long time!

    • Seriously…. so having a blog about your horse makes you a spoiled rich kid? Really…. ok then….I’ll be sure to remember that while I’m going to class, working to pay for school, my horse and my apartment on top of trying to find time to actually go see my horse while I have a million projects due and exams to study for. I hope I don’t end up as miserable as you. but i guess thats why I’m studying my ass off at school so that when I do have kids i wont be sitting at home bitching about other people on the internet.

      • I second this. I love the assumptions going on here. I am NOT spoiled nor rich. I have THREE jobs and go to school full time. I have about $5 to my name after paying bills and a broken car. suck it.
        this is monica by the way posting in Jackie’s name.

  24. Wow, this is quite funny. Snark, do YOU remember being this ummmmm Entitled? as a 21 year old? 😮 Somehow I remember working a full time job because I was on my own at that point, taking a full load of science courses and having my 1 horse that I had to pay ALL the freight on. Seems I was also having to work at the barn to pay for lessons.

    Having a blog doesn’t make you spoiled. Having the World handed to you on a silver platter, and being spoon fed marshmellow Fluff without having a Hot Clue just how God Damn LUCKY you are, not having a blood thought other than ME ME ME!!!!!!! is what makes her Spoiled! got it

    • I believe i just said that i work to pay for school and my horse did i not? My major is “molecular biology and genetics” so i think im doing the same thing u said you did. I think you have me confused for Monica who is the one in the first picture.

    • haha I was trying to detail my 21 year old experience but it kept going too long! Suffice it to say, I was moderately spoiled while in high school (parents paid mostly for horses, I worked at 3 barns) and then had a ton of responsibility suddenly dropped on me when I was 19. I keep trying to go back to college but can’t maintain the finances necessary (my horse keeps hurting himself) so I think I’ve dropped out 4 times now! lol

      • Despite everything I do hope you get to go back to school. I myself am not sure I will be able to go back next year because of money. The only thing that has saved me so far is that my school lets you pay per semester not per year like some other schools. I know you probably have thought of this but are there any loans you could apply for? I had to use OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) this year which I really didnt want to do but it did help!

        • Ya they really don’t make it easy for the whole school thing. I’d fight harder for it if they didn’t require a lot of bullshit classes to get a degree. Plus, now that I’ve been out of school for a while I find I can’t stand the subjective nature of the prof’s marking – I took a creative writing class where the prof made me rewrite a poem 3 times!! And I hate poetry! lol

          • I feel your pain. I’m in some dumb computer course right now that I have to take and i don’t know why, it teaches you how to use all the microsoft programs…thanks I’ve only been using those since grade 3.

  25. Good for you. BTW, did you change your name? If so, why? To hide? Or is this one of your friends? I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but sometimes I just don’t follow the rules at the zoo…

    Who’s bitching? I’m enjoying calling out an idiot who identified herself here. If she hadn’t, many of us here wouldn’t have known who she was and it would have passed on by to another day and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Snarky didn’t go to her blog (the pic was sent by one of HER friends for crying out loud!), she came HERE to bitch. And who said “having a blog MAKES you a spoiled rich kid”? Maybe I’m not the only one who can’t read? I SAID “a spoiled rich kid who has her own blog….” to document every move, breath, and thought she has, seems to be the one who “has to express their every opinion on the internet”. I don’t have a blog, I don’t express my every opinion on the internet…just this one: she’s still an asshat for sitting on a mini. Period. Actually it’s the same opinion as most of the Snarky readers here. Honey, I’m not at all miserable and that’s great if you aren’t either. I worked my ass off also to get where I am, in a different way than you are, but still much the same…many years ago. What makes you think I sit here on my ass ALL DAY bitching about people on the internet? Or anyone else does that here for that matter? Because we take time out of our busy days to sit and relax and enjoy the blog(s)we like to read and respond to? Don’t you do that too? Seems so to me because you are HERE. So thats makes me…and everyone else here…lazy, fat, gossiping housewives? But of course you’re not because you are a young pup working her ass off to get through school and pay for everything she wants. Why do you think we haven’t either DONE the same thing or ARE DOING the same thing or even have gone a different direction with our lives and still manage to do what we feel is productive for us? So what, I have ANOTHER day off from work and AM sitting here and yep, I’m…*gasp!*…on my computer puttering around, “having nothing better to do” (although I do have my normal, everyday list of things to do, I may blow it off just to validate your opinion of me). Get over it, and when you do finally grow up and figure out that the horse world isn’t a place where unicorns fart rainbows then you will understand. Okay I’m done trying to communicate with wet behind the ear’s kids. I already do that with my own teens at home and “adult” kids when they call. It’s pointless…

  26. Hitting the “like” button Lori!

  27. I am not monica, I’m just someone who thinks that if a mini can pull someone around in a cart they should be able to hold them for 30 seconds. I don’t think anyone should be riding mini’s period like in the second pic. I’m sorry if i took your comment about being a spoiled rich kid offensively if it was only ment for monica, who i really dont think is a spoiled rich kid either. I’ve worked hard to get into school and to keep my horse at the same time with no help from my parents so if i was a little pissed that someone was generalizing blogging about your horse as being for spoiled rich kids (even if that wasnt what you ment) I am sorry. And i have been around long enough to know that the horse world isnt a place “where unicorns fart rainbows” again like every other post you only know one side of the story, you dont know me at all, nor did you take the time to try and understand before attacking me or monica. If someone posted a picture of u on the internet saying u were doing something wrong without telling you wouldnt you be mad? It’s not even about if its wrong or right if its something u see nothing wrong with then why should other people bitch about it. Even if her face is covered people can still recognize the picture. And i wish i could afford everything i want. That would be nice.

    • “It’s not even about if its wrong or right if its something u see nothing wrong with then why should other people bitch about it” – So you think people shouldn’t say anything when they see something they feel is wrong and harming an animal (or a person, for that matter)? There are people out there who see nothing wrong with hoarders, or abusive training or a myriad of other hot button topics in the equine world – does that make it right? Because a few people think something is ok I shouldn’t speak up in anyway I see fit? There’s something very wrong, and conformist-esque, to that logic.

      • We are talking about someone sitting on a pony. For a picture. If sitting on a pony for 30 seconds is up their with hoarding and abusive training and w/e then I guess I’m a horrible person because I have probably sat on a mini before also. I’d like my one way ticket to hell now please.

    • and this is why I love you 🙂

  28. Okay. Exercise for you. Put a ton of stuff in a backpack and walk around with it. Then put it in a hand cart…

    Do that. Then say again that the same weight on a mini’s back as it can pull in a cart is okay.

    Most horses can pull their own weight. Small ponies and minis can pull *twice* their own weight. Most horses can carry 20% of their own weight. Some ponies are comfortable up to 25% or even 30%.

    The difference wheels make is huge.

  29. Hittin the “like” button for Jennifer also!

    If it was “just a cute photo op” and no riding, then why is the lead looped through the halter to make reins, like I’ve done countless times in my own pasture (yep I’m a BAD horsewoman) to hop up on my QH for a quick fun ride around the pasture? Why not get down on one knee and kissy-face your mini for your photo op. It’s just as cute (if not more) and you aren’t putting stress on your tiny equine’s spine! Better yet, have a friend bring over her toddler and set the kiddo on the mini for the picture….tooo cute! And once again, no stress on that spine! Moving or not, an adult on a mini is WRONG!

  30. Know your story before you write.
    This entire argument is ridiculous. First off, snarkyrider, I do agree that minis should not be ridden by people who are not appropriate to their size. However, Monica was not riding, simply sitting. There are multiple pictures of Monica and her very happy mini.
    Additionally, by superimposing the smiley over Monica’s face you are forcing an interpretation of the picture on the viewer that the originally picture may not have expressed. By doing this you’re falsely representing the intent of the rider.
    Finally, you are taking photos of someone and putting them on a website and talking badly about them without them knowing. You are creating a bias on the public Internet that many people can see, even people that Monica may know are now getting information from you about how she may be mistreating her animals.

    As I said, I agree about not riding minis if you are not appropriately sized to do so, but I do not agree with you positing pictures of MY friends and falsely representing them.

    • Why the lead rope reins if she was sitting for 30 seconds on a pony who supposedly lurves her so much that she doesnt leave her side? It would seem that if she was just sitting on her back long enough to take a picture, she wouldn’t have the need to make reins.
      AND….it’s not the only pic of her on the mini’s back, I think you’ll agree with that.

      • What does it matter what I do with an effing rope. In the other pictures of me on her, I don’t loop it. You guys really are nitpicking, hairsplitting and attacking. Who gives a flip about what i did with rope..
        As someone said on my blog in response to Snarky, “There is a difference between “poking” (your word, not mine) at idiots who beat the living hell out of horses on a daily basis and being down right rude and nasty about a situation you know nothing about.”

  31. Monica, You were caught out doing something that the MAJORITY of the people here find to be reprehensible. I don’t give a rat’s ass how you spin it. In My opinion your actions then, the defense of your actions now and your entire demeanor smack of self absorbtion and narcissism. I’m sure your partents are proud.

  32. You’re stupid. I’d eat teacup pig bacon everyday of I could! You have to fatten them up real well first though…

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