Please sir, can I have some more… bullshit?

“2 registered TB stallions, Great bloodlines! They are both available for stud service until they are sold call for any info you need and for pricing. 231-709-5719 for sale or trade.”

Please sir, allow me to take you at your word on the value and “great bloodlines” these 2 TB studs undoubtedly have.  You seem a trustworthy sort of gent and as such I wouldn’t dare impune your character by asking you to provide any sort of information whatsoever on the 2 offered at stud.  In fact, you’re doing this world such a service by making these “great bloodlines” available that I salute you.  Good job, you.   Thank the almighty fuzzy that upstanding citizens such as yourself are around and well to keep the craptacular horses a-flowing.


I can tell you one thing; if they did, in fact, have outstanding genetics, they wouldn’t be listed on craigslist!

Does anyone else think they look like YEARLINGS?!  Underdeveloped, unmuscled, short, yearling-like tails… Obviously none of that is conclusive proof, but nor is it condemning evidence to the contrary.

The photos are shite so it’s hard to offer up a legit conformation analysis.  Plus, if they are yearlings (and the more I look at their builds and the tails, the more I lean towards that clinical assessment), their conformation is going to change a bit over the next two years.

Speaking of shite pictures, why, oh dear gawd why, are they posting a picture in which the horse is spooking (best case scenario) or trying to get away from its handler (not the worst case scenario).  Hold on, I know what they’re trying to do!  They’re trying to set up the horse similar to these ones!  Bravo, sir!  Bra-frakking-vo.  How lazy do you have to be to not feel the need to snap another pic to replace that one.  Perhaps, in the second attempt they could have cut out the gray’s feet, like they did the bay’s, so we can’t see what looks to be fairly long toes on that poor horse.

If they are yearlings, WHY ARE YOU OFFERING THEM AS STUDS?!?!?!?!?!!? *headdesk* (for when a *facepalm* just won’t do)


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  1. How about these gems?

    That’s a 2 year old.

  2. I’m pretty sure the girl in the top picture is actually dead because no one would actually do that alive. This may be a crime scene. You should notify your local authorities.

  3. I wanted to share my mare’s piss poor non muscled condition, she is 9 this year, and has had the entire winter off except one trail ride to the neighbors.
    She looks like that first colt offered AND the arab that was for sale in a previous blog entry.

    I took that pic last week I think.

    But ye gods.. why do people offer their el crapola stallions up for stud service..
    There is a local fruit loop here locally who has a bay arabian stallion who seems to have a few brindle stripes on his ass, so OOOOH.. lets breed him, although her ad states he hasn’t thrown brindle … yet..
    Here is 1 ad I found for him
    And here is a mare that was for sale by the same seller, supposedly brindle as well, bred to the above stallion..
    Pardon the crappy pics.

    While looking for his ad on the CL, i found this ad or forum post elsewhere.. I don’t know if this horse is a gelding or a stallion, but he is arab, looks brindle.. and that’s about it…

    • Oh goodness, don’t get me started on the “brindle” thing! lol.
      No one has ever found a specific gene or group of genes responsible for “brindle” occurring in horses. It is thought to be a chimerism (2 sets of genes resulting from early term absorption of a twin) and is thus not a breed-able trait. I’d say the ones that have been born to a “brindle” parent are actually extremely rare/odd expressions of roan or the natural greying process, just like how a flee-bitten grey can sometimes have a “bloody shoulder.”

  4. yikes to all the photos, except for the fuzzy….I love the fuzzy!!! Most aweome fuzzy of all, and I do fear it actually. Looks kinda fierce.

  5. Fear the fuzzy!! *love it*

  6. You know, I was just looking at the pictures and thinking, they don’t look like 2 year olds. Conformation is not my strong point, but those tails sure look awfully short.

    Plus, I’ve also seen well built 2 year olds up close and they look nothing like this. Not TB’s but, still, good examples of well bred 2 year olds (at the time I took the shots):

  7. As I read the title of today’s blog, I already had the stallions pictured in my mind. I have to say, they were both worse than I expected. Holy Smokes. They don’t even act as if they lead very well and the gray lots like he is dodging yet another whack in the head for nearly running the handler over. Can you image the mare care they offer for visiting mares???? Probably just turn her out with the pair of them and let the strongest stallion win. Coming from the show world, I am so used to professional breeders and serious responsible smaller breeders that I am always shocked to find out that there are still people trying to make a dollar on their fugly stallions.

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