Blog Carousel #2

Welcome to the second blog carousel!  I forgot to post on facebook/twitter earlier this week so we only have two participants this week.  (more next week? hint hint!).  For other great horsey blogs for your reading pleasure, check out last week’s carousel, here.

This first blog has been featured over on Fugly, most recently this past Wednesday I really like this blog – she has a great level of snark and does some personal posts as well.  I kind of like getting to know (silently stalk) other bloggers – especially since I find it so hard to keep myself anonymous (I still have to remind myself to sign all my emails as DE lol).

Next, we have Empowered Horsemanship.  I went to this blog, recommended to me on facebook the other day, and read the first post I saw – it was on licking and chewing.  I know, it’s something we’ve all seen our horses do, but how many really understand those simple actions for what they are?  This blog provided a good reminder of that, as well as mentioning how beneficial it can be to spend some “undemanding” time with our horses.

To participate in next weeks blog carousel, email me at!


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  1. If you’re looking for a good laugh, and a bit of snark, this blog is awesomesauce:

  2. Hey, how cool is that! You mentioned my blog! That’s really cool, thanks! ❤

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