WDC: New lease on life

Check out the video on this page, be sure to read the story underneath!

How cute is Midnite!?!  So happy he seems to be doing well with his new leg!


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  1. So awesome! Good for Midnite, what a happy pony!

  2. Leanne Motley

    This is one time I can cheer for the human race!!!!! So nice to see something positive. Midnite seems to understand what true happiness is.

  3. Stupid comment didn’t post.

    I personally don’t believe they should have done this. Over Midnite’s life the cost of prosthetics are gonna amount to thousands which is many that could be helping a hundred or more other disadvantaged horses. And those prosthetics are gonna need replacing at the slightest change in muscle mass to the leg.

    There is a reason cats and dogs can survive on 3 legs and horses can’t. Totally different weight distribution and movement. If I had a horse born with only 3 legs, I would euthanise rather than put him though all this.

    Sure he may be happy but has he got real true quality of life?

    • While I don’t necessarily disagree with your comment, the last sentence seems a bit…out of sorts. If he’s happy (which he obviously is) that *is* true quality of life. Sure it may come one day where he’s not a happy little dude and then they will need to reevaluate his situation. But right then, in that video, no one can deny how happy he is and how could anyone take that away from him?

      • Actually watched the video (wouldn’t play yesterday for some reason) and sure he’s happy but he doesn’t seem to do anything. Just hang out in a field. Why can’t he have a job as say a therapy horse or something?

        That’s kinda what I meant about quality of life, he doesn’t appear to have anything to do from what I can tell and sure he’s happy being fussed over, chasing llamas etc but he is only 4 years old, that kinda life might get kinda boring as time guys on. I hope he’s got toys and maybe some other equine companions (they didn’t show any) so that he doesn’t get bored and develop any vices.

  4. As long as the stump doesn’t fail, I think he would be ok for the long term. If it were a full sized horse, maybe not. But, Midnite seems to like his new leg.

  5. Mixed emotions here. I just hope this is his true Forever Home. I’m curious as to how he got along before the prosthetic. I saw my first 3 legged pony over 50 yrs ago so I know that people have been trying it for a long time, todays technology helps. The one I saw as a kid basically just had a peg leg, like a pirate.

  6. Practical or not it made me smile watching his gallop and happy bucks…!

  7. I gotta be honst, befoe I saw the video I was thinking why the hell didn’t they PTS the poor mini??
    But after seeing him break into a gallop, I’m thinking this little guy may still have a chance at some good quality of life. I’m pretty amazed to see a prothetic leg that actually seems to adapt to an equine.

  8. I too would like to know how he got around before he was placed with the people who outfitted him with his new “Kicks’

    As for quality of life, well that all depends on the humans he gets over the years. It will only take one person, one time of not being able to afford a replacement for the prosthetic and Midnights run will be over.

    Until then, I did enjoy watching a happily running Midnight

  9. At first glance, I was really bothered that someone would put a fake leg on a horse, then I saw that he was a mini and I felt a bit better. Then he ran around and bucked and I think it’s pretty damn cool. I hope it works out for him.

  10. Maybe to a lot of you it seems to be money foolishly spent. But what if the owners took
    Midnight into VA hospitals, nursing homes, other hospitals to show that even a horse can
    adapt to changes by using a prosthetic. There are many people out there who have a hard time adapting and need encouragement. During my chemo treatments, there was a lady who brought her dog into visit. Many were the ones who had a smile brought to their faces when the dog would go up to them and nudge their hands.
    If it’s not your money, shut up about it. Instead, think of the good that could come out of this.

  11. That is the first equine prosthetic I have seen that actually seemed to be worth the cost. He’s a little uneven on it, but it doesn’t look like ‘omg, poor thing, it’s barely getting around’.

    I do agree with the commenter who suggested that he be a therapy animal…how about we let the ‘disabled’ horse cheer up some disabled kids? ;).

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