Die a slow, horrible death

I know there’s a ongoing debate, dividing the horse world between those that think 2 years old is an acceptable age to start a horse, and those that don’t, but I’m sure we can all agree THIS IS SO VERY, VERY WRONG!

Get the fuck off that baby before I yank you off, reach out and manually remove your babymaker, you fucking ignorant hillbillies (I’m referring to the parents, not the kids – they don’t know any better and are um like 3…)

People like you make me want to maim and kill.  What kind of assbackwards thinking leads you to ‘hey, she’s 10 months old! let’s ride the stuffing outta her!’?

I would love to know how the hell they broke this filly (and here I’m using the term both in the equestrian-specific way and as in “Hey Virgil! You dun broke the chair, ya good fer nuthin’ sumbitch.”).  Seriously, did an adult break her or the three year old child?  I honestly do not know which is worse.  Well, worse for the filly would obviously be if an adult broke her…

Anyone else hoping that it’s just the photo/stride – because that appears to be one painfully tight girth.

Your three year old works the filly in the round pen?  HOW?! The kid is three!  Looking past the abuse you’re heaping on this poor filly, what about the danger you’re putting your own child in?


As I was rereading this post I realized it’s not very well put together; however, it’s been four days since this ad was emailed to me and I am still so very mad at these horribly stupid people that I can’t see straight.  So I’m just going to end it.  There’s nothing funny here.  There’s nothing to learn.  Anyone who isn’t married to their cousin, in the horse world or not, knows this is beyond wrong for so many reasons.  Please feel free, and encouraged, to share in my rage.

I hope to post something funny tomorrow to make up for this.  Humorous brain bleach, if you will.


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  1. I’m pretty sure my brain just exploded after seeing that ad… seriously?!

  2. I am starting my 2 yr old right now. Am I riding him Hell NO But I am doing saddle work, line work, getting used to mounting etc. But this guy is 2 and 15.1 already.No real work until next year and eventhen no hard work. I want him to last not break down at 5. My other horse was smaller at that age and would never have thought of even getting on him. I hate that some folks think 2 is the year to start heavy riding .

    • Sort of Anonymous

      Keep in mind 2 is 2, and proportionally the “smaller” one was wasn’t probably smaller for his age. Smaller in proportion to the rider, though 😉

      Just pointing out that the work being done by immature bone and joints isn’t any less for the bigger animal. 2 is 2. In fact, larger horses tend to mature later than smaller… “The Ranger Piece”

  3. Wait…What the?…Oh my…Are you f-ing? …Yep Brain Anurism…this needs to be plastered everywhere! And someone PLEASE go get this filly…Like Yesterday! Hell I will even donate a few bucks to go get her. And, though I know this wont happen, I wished CPS was called for child endangerment…not from the horse but from the idiot parents. Are you freaking serious with this shit? . This ad just pretty much blew the whole “Im trying to quite cursing so much” issue I have been wrk on. Makes me want to punch someone in the face, kick them in the shin and have permanent birth control administered to both parents! OMG I have to stop, Im getting too pissed off.

    Seriously, I will donate…someone please go save this filly. Turn this into a local rescue or something!

  4. I have no way of properly expressing my disgust…

  5. The scary thing is she’s 10 months now but when exactly was she broke! It looks like she’s been doing this for a while. Especially if she’s had ropes thrown off of her and has done as much riding as they say… That didn’t all happen yesterday. How much you want to bet that poor thing was broke at 6 months.

  6. I emailed this to the Tulsa, OK ASPCA and a couple other rescue organizations.

    • Sort of Anonymous


      I mean really, there should be a “legal age”. And I’m pretty sure under age 14 months should be prosecutable. OK, 13 months…

  7. I wish the stupids would stop breeding….poor little filly 😦

  8. Yup, I feel the same way Amber B. I have nothing to say about the inbred wretches that threw tack on this filly. I would be nice to them until the filly was safe, padlocked in my trailer. And then express my dismay that they had reproduced because they didn’t have more than 5 brain cells between them. They both need to be shot in the head but really it wouldn’t matter, it wouldn’t take out any of their vital organs.
    Please someone go get this filly, and throw her out to pasture for the next 2 years. The bone should remodel it’self.

  9. I do agree with everything you have written, no one should be riding this poor baby. The only thing is being “broke” Some horses just dont really care, i have a 2 1/2 year old i have only gotten on twice and you’d think he was 20, he goes where you want him to go, follows and leads other horses, takes a bit, hackamore or a halter with a lead rope. I dont think this horse was “broke” i just think this horse allowed these people to get on her and she probly just follows the herd on trails. Poor horse 😦 Anyone call the number and ask them wtf they are doing?

  10. destiny3rdchance

    1. Grab Filly.
    2. Turn her out with Hunter, our resident 10-month gelding.
    3. Let them be babies together and have fun!
    4. Maybe give them each 15 minutes of ground work a day.

    Repeat until three years old and then reevaluate for growth, mental readiness, etc.

  11. When I wrote Fugly, people used to ask me why I had to swear so much.


    It’s either swearing or getting a gun and going on a rampage. Swearing is legal.

    Anyway, please someone, go get that poor filly. If you are a good home that I can verify, I will send you a care package of dewormer and stuff for the poor little thing.

  12. I’m picturing my friend’s 3 year old son trying to work a horse in a round pen… and all I can come up with is that I am amazed that child is still alive.

  13. And the filly looks underweight and WORMY. stupid stupid stupid cruel

  14. I thought it was sweet but, i sure do hope that that lady is not riding that filly. At that age they would only be able to handle like 10lbs

    • Are you for real? Babies come popping out at 10lbs. What 3 year old kid is only going to weight that? Jesus Christ on a stick!!

    • Really? She can’t hadle the repetitive motion that training demands! It has NOTHING to do with weight. I hope that if you own a horse that you utilize the services of a professional trainer that knows what they are doing. Sad as hell, just so damned sad what animals are asked to endure.

  15. That is so , so worng on so manyn levels.

  16. Where is she! We have a huge pasture, pond, stable, and tons of hay and dewormer left over from the pony mare we just had to put down (she was 30) it’s a great place to grow up! The pony mare’s companion is lonely, we are looking for a horse to keep her company.

  17. And when the kid gets hurt or killed, they will blame the poor foal. ***HEADDESK*** These people should lose both horse and child. Perhaps parenting classes might turn them into something resembling responsible parents but I wouldn’t hold my breath. As for animals, they just shouldn’t be allowed to have any.

  18. I’m dumbfounded and at a loss for words that will make any kind of sense at all in what has happened to this poor little baby. I hope someone comes and takes her away from the dumbassess that currently own her; and let her be the baby she is for a much longer time. Shame!

  19. Of course, they probably have some random mares and stallions in the pasture, so they’ll make more.

    I mean, are we REALLY surprised? REALLY??

    I’m not, anymore. There are many ignorant people with horses. In fact, their families have had horses for generations. And they’ve never picked up a horse book, or a horse magazine, because “this is how Uncle Joe did it, and he knows ALL about horses, cuz he has 23948572 that he rides all over town.”

    Sometimes these folks are genuinely surprised that there’s a CORRECT way to do things. They may eagerly learn, or they may dismiss you as an overeducated tree hugger Commie who is out to take away their rights.

  20. I am appalled at this, for all the reasons stated. I am further disgusted at the state of this persons English. Is there a word or letter limit on the web site for advertisements? I always thought that if you were trying to sell something you should at least sound intelligent in your written advertisement. But what do I know — I have a high school education.

  21. I am the one that found this ad on tulsa ok CL. I emailed this to several people and rescues. I took the screen shot of the ad and saved the pic to my phone knowing that it would be soon deleted after I got done sending it around. If I had the money and the room I would have left work went and picked her up but sadly I didn’t and I couldn’t get people to help donate in time. When I finally got someone that was willing to go get her they said in an attutide that she was done gone! So I pray who ever got her that she is safe and won’t be rode anymore till she is ready that is if this didn’t permanitly damage her. She eithet got sold or rescued, I havnt found out yet which, with in 2 hours of being put on there. I have been serching to see if she would pop back up again and it hasn’t yet.

    • Please let me know if she pops up again. Thanks so much for sending the ad in.

      • Will do! And this is why I give kids free riding lessons on a good broke horse. I could make some money but I refuse any money other than gas if I have to pick up and drop off the kids. Oh I also know a girl that lives in tulsa that trained her 2 year old to jump after she broke it to ride and said that I don’t know anything about horse sense I have a 3 (maybe 4 year old not sure no papers came frome sone one who bought at an auction to keep from going to kill buyer) that isn’t even broke yet. I nicely explained her horse will be ruined if she didn’t stop. She called me a brat and acting like a child for not knowing it was ok cause she was an aztec/arabian horse. I deleted her and will never talk to her again!

  22. So all of the disparaging comments and cussing is going to make this situation better?

    “Get the fuck off that baby before I yank you off, reach out and manually remove your babymaker, you fucking ignorant hillbillies” Or the following “People like you make me want to maim and kill” are the reason why nothing ever gets done because people such as yourself react with pure emotion and try to be something your not, a tough guy. Try educating people along with yourself and reacting in a mature manner that will get more done to resolve situations such as this and also to prevent them. You are part of the problem and I for one was more taken back by the immature way this was written more then whats being done to the horse.

    • Really? All the horror going on to that little filly and *this* is what you’re upset about? I know reading the rant made me feel better… it’s exactly what went through my head when I saw the ad.

    • There have been several people on this site who stepped up and offered a home to the little foal as well as a donation to get it AWAY from the AssHats who think riding a weanling is good practice. Exactly How is that being part fo the Problem?

  23. Let’s hope that “done gone” doesn’t mean she’s off at auction.

  24. those kids are going to grow up just like ma and pa, how sick. wish I could take her, hopefully that poor girl gets a good home… Koda was 16.1 when he was 3 and grew to 17.3 at just about 4 yrs old, I had the vet check him, before any weight went on him.

  25. Gasp!
    She looks just like the skinny, wormy standardbred I rescued off a Kentucky Craigslist two years ago. Also being ridden, in a curb bit and 25 pound western saddle, in this case by the seller’s eight year old grandson. The seller described the colt as “2, 3 years old”, when it was quite obvious from the photos that he was barely a year old, if that. Not only did he not know how old the little guy was, I strongly suspect that he really didn’t know anything much about horses at all, as the ad also said, “will make great pacing or racker” [sic], whereas the horse has never shown the least sign of either gait.
    I’m pleased to say that he has grown 6 inches since I got him, and now a genuine three years old, has started his formal training under saddle, after lots of ground work.

    Let’s hope someone swoops down and whisks this little filly away to a better life!

  26. Lauren Paytes

    I wish there was something useful I could add here……but all my fellow horsey people have said it for me. I will say it absolutely breaks my heart to see how people treat their animals. Why are there “people” out there that think animals don’t have thoughts and feelings?? Thanks to all those above me that said exactly whay I was thinking and feeling about this very sad situation.

  27. Nothing to add.. these people are idiots….

  28. I’ve heard back from two of the rescue groups I contacted. One said they would look into it, and another said they had already been contacted about the filly but when they called, she had been sold.

    • Yes, sorry – forgot to update here as well! Had been going all out on facebook with my rescue contacts but did hear that this filly has been sold. No word on to whom or how she’s doing, but the person who originally found the ad has said she’ll continue to keep an eye on CL to see if this filly pops back up (actually, she commented above as well).

  29. and lets not forget you completely went against what your all about…..”We will never make fun of the way someone looks or anything truly personal – our comments will instead be directed at your riding and your horses looks” <<< from your "about us" page. FWIW I wont be revisiting this blog due to the completely unprofessional light it puts us true rescue personnel in.

    • The site’s called “Snarky Rider” – I feel this post was pretty darn snarky, so it’s in line with that. As for my about page – I don’t remember making fun of their looks, weight, or anything else that has nothing to do with how they treat or care for their horse(s). I suppose you could argue that “truly personal” is a vague and subjective statement.

      I’m not sure where you’re getting about with the “true rescue personnel” sentence – I’ve never claimed to be such, only that I want to use the blog to help horses and rescues. If you don’t support that, then I’m perfectly fine with your not coming back. If you disagree with the way things are being run here and have a suggestion please feel encouraged to email me to discuss ( This blog has never been a ‘my way or the highway’ type place, however I would ask that you don’t take any of this response to be some sort of acquiescence of guilt, because it’s not. I stand by my post. While I freely admit it is on the extreme end of the spectrum, there’s just something about the abuse of a 10 month old foal that brings it out in me. And I’m ok with that.

      • You’re blog is a wonderful example of how awesome it is to be American. Free speech without censorship is priceless. When I read your blog, I remember that it’s a blog and not news. It’s your opinion that I happen to often agree with and value.

    • Terrorized TrailGuide

      You do know the site is called ‘snarky rider’ right? It’s an opinion site about, and forgive me if I am woefully off base here, being snarky. It’s like Fugly blog- people complain that posts are mean or one sided…. It’s a blog based on being sassy towards people and things the writers disagree with; what the heck did you expect?
      It’s not a blog about the proper manners of a rescue organization. I failed to see the part where they mocked the physical appearance of the child. I see a scathing post directed towards the parents who are putting their children in danger and for the undoubtedly grim future of a horse who will have many physical problems later in life.

      If you are a true rescue person then you can surely see how this can cause this poor foal to end up in the care of a rescue down the road when it begins to have problems at age 3 or 4. No trainer or rescue should praise the riding of a foal that probably began at 5-6 months. They are neither physically or mentally prepared to deal with this kind of thing.
      Also, plenty of commenter’s have contacted rescue organizations about removing the foal to a safe location- so there’s the proactive actions. (This is directed towards a previous comment.)
      Anyone who lets a young three year old child loose on a foal under ten months of age next to a road or body of water, deserves all the public ridicule they get. If you’re dumb enough to post that fact online in a public website, then you really deserve it. It’s not cute or silly, it’s irresponsible- end of story.

  30. no, I can’t think about it.

  31. And this is why I think stupid people should be sterilized at birth. A pony saddle, sure. A child’s weight, much less anyone’s weight, NO!

  32. Reading the ad is enough to convince anyone that these people don’t have any intelligence, much less common sense. There is no point in even talking to someone like that, they are beyond stupid.
    I hope that someone took pity on this little horse and took her home to grow up.

  33. the reason ya’ll are at a lose for words is cause there comes a time when words are not enough and a .38 Special or even a Lousiville Slugger should be used to express ones feelings. Now if ya’ll would just point me in the right direction!!

  34. Poor Baby…I sure hope whom ever bought her knows what they are doing.

  35. And this is why I tell my friend who deided to purchase a fall born baby who is half draft.. that he needs to WAIT. This gelding (was a colt when purchased spring 2 years ago).
    I am going to start his ground work now. He won’t be backed till Fall, and lightly started
    with a few rides before the snow hits, and then a few minutes here and there till next spring.
    His mother was an arab cross so he is still SHORT. I will be evaluating him along the way to see where he is mentally.
    My friends other horse turned 3 last spring and he had line driving over that winter, and was backed and then two brief rides later that same week. A few rides over that year, and now he is 4 he will be re-aquanted with the saddle and such..
    And I have had to PUSH and remind him they are just babies.

  36. By the looks of her back ankles, she’s got some growth issues going on too. Imagine that. And, what 3 year old kid needs a BIGGER horse to rope with? The 10 month old filly can’t hold those steers okay without being knocked off her feet? If that’s a current ad, someone go get her. Poor pitiful thing, and her dummy owners are so proud of what they have done with her. Can you imagine what the rest of the folks at their rope’ns are like if they are anything like them? Probably worming with tobacco, using kerosene for fly spray, and breeding horses in the parking lot during intermission. Yikes!

  37. Snarky, I love you. I love your rant, your cussing, your passion for the welfare of that poor baby. I oftentimes go on rants myself and they are always about stupid people and their treatment of animals. I will save my comments on this one as I feel you have done a pretty darn good job! Keep it up, rant away, get people fired up…it creates the awareness that is much needed!

  38. Nothin like putting a baby on a baby. Eeeeediot! a) the horse looks barely old enough to do ground work. But put your kids on because they’re lighter? Genius! Without helmets – bonus points for STupid Award. Please sell the horse to someone less of an idiot. I feel bad for your kids & for the filly

  39. elizabeth jewell

    Posted this to my fb wall and the owner commented …. Any can request me n right back

  40. I just cannot wrap my head around the thought process of folks who think if it’s small it’s a PONY so it’s okay for it to be sat on or ridden. And here we go back around to the asshat who thought sitting on a mini was cute. These two posts go hand in hand in my book.

  41. My God, reading this makes me just want to go out and hug my two year old… I can’t imagine where she would have ended up had the rescue she came to me from not grabbed her! I never could have imagined people were THIS stupid!
    Dazzler, for the record, won’t be taking any weight at all until she’s 4, maybe even 5 years old since I’m not exactly a bean pole.

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