From FHOTD: When is it ok for the authorities to NOT do their jobs?

When an approximately 1 year old filly gets buried alive, or so it seems.

It has been reported that by March 30, 2012 this filly had been starved so badly that she was no longer able to stand.  It was at that point the owners decided to dig a large hole near the fallen filly, drag her into it using their truck, and proceeded to bury her alive.

Pretty unbelievable, right?  Except there are pictures and even video footage of filly and her future grave, and when it gets too dark to see, the neighbors videoing this atrocity narrate the event.

The following is an excerpt from a rescue’s website, reporting on a conversation with a girl living on the property.  The report has since been taken off the website, more on that later.

“There were two horses there, one bay emaciated mare, one chestnut gelding that was also horribly thin. A girl came out of the house and Valdia confronted her. She claimed that they just moved there two days before. This was obviously a lie, since she went on to divulge information about the horses and their “racing careers”. The gelding was apparently a Standardbred and the mare apparently a Thoroughbred, although it was  impossible to tell the breed under the matted muddy dull coats and jutting bones underneath. The girl mentioned a lip tattoo common in Thoroughbred racehorses and motioned to the bay mare. When Valdia asked her why they hadn’t fed the horses, she shrugged and said “We don’t like horses.” As she was questioned, she slipped and said that “Someone got drunk and hurt him” motioning to the gelding. She promptly realized that she shouldn’t have said that and wouldn’t say another word.”

Apparently people had been calling the animal control office for three weeks prior to this taking place.  And even after receiving reports of the dead filly, they still didn’t come out until April 1st – after another horse died.  This time it was the dam of the filly.  A woman from a local rescue had brought out hay for the two still living, but starving, horses and rather than heed her instructions, the owners threw the entire bale out to them.  The mare died several hours later, presumably from colic as a result of overfeeding after suffering from starvation. (This was, of course, not the first bale the woman brought out for these horses.  The first one mysteriously disappeared and was definitely not fed to the horses…)

So now there are two dead horses: one starved and buried alive, one starved and dead, presumably from colic.  What does the Animal Control office do?  They go and demand that the rescue remove any and all information (including photos and videos) relating to this situation from their website.  Why, you may ask?  Well, they’re trying to say that this information could impede the investigation – but it’s already out there.  Damage done.  Move on and let’s nail these horse-abusing bastards!  The time for the AC to try to limit free speech was likely sometime around when they were first contacted about these “people” (and here I’m using the term very loosely).

Moving on.  So the AC is investigating – that’s awesome! Their first stop on that investigation?  The horse rescue that brought hay to the starving horses. That’s right, they went there and insisted upon reviewing their nonprofit paperwork and then took copies.  Does anyone know what that’s about? Neither the rescues, nor I, can make sense of it.

What do you do if your local Animal Control doesn’t seem to care?  You contact the local Sheriff’s office.  Except, apparently they’re not answering their phones…  One lucky person who got through reported that they were told felony charges are “pending”.  Which I find particularly interesting seeing as, according to an email I received from the DA, my email was the first he had heard of the issue.  I had been under the impression that criminal charges were prosecuted by the District Attorney.  Quick! Someone tell them there’s a breakdown in their communication system!

WHAT’S GOING ON HERE PEOPLE?! There’s a dead filly, possibly that was buried alive.  There is photographic evidence of two starving horses, one of which is already dead.  Is that not enough to act upon?  Can’t that get you onto the property and into a position where the body of the filly could be exhumed, then a necropsy performed to see if her lungs were full of dirt?  I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV but that seems fairly logical to me.  Or is there no room for logic in the legal system?

I understand it’s still pretty early in the process of investigation but the clock’s ticking!  That filly was buried March 30th, that’s almost two weeks ago.  If anything is going to happen, it needs to happen fast.   Unfortunately it sounds like the Animal Control office has already dropped the ball.  Why didn’t they investigate three weeks prior to April 1st when they were originally made aware of these people?

Why are the neighbors so afraid of them that they hide across the street filming and are so scared they’re hesitating to file a report with the DA?  Could it perhaps have something to do with this excerpt from the original account reported by the rescue?

“The neighbors were interviewed and told us more and more horror stories about the people – apparently these horses had been the victims of beatings and God knows what else, for entertainment they would abuse and hurt them on top of starving them. The owners had been shooting at people, scaring the horses, had been running the horses into barbed wire fences on purpose when they were drunk, had tied the horses heads back with bits to their chests and left them like that for entire days.”

There is something wrong here, above and beyond the preventable deaths of those two horses.  Grab your pitch forks and light your torches folks because we’ve got monsters among us!

If you’re so inclined, and a number of people have indicated that they are, the following is the contact information of the people who would love to hear from you.

Siskiyou County Animal Control
525 Foothill Drive. Yreka,CA. 96097

Yreka Sheriff Department
305 Butte Street. Yreka,CA. 96097
No email listed.
J Kirk Andrus (District Atty)
311 Fourth Street
Room 204
Yreka, CA 96097

For more information, check out this thread on Horse Grooming Supplies or the rescue’s facebook page.


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  1. Every Single One of the negligent AssHats who made the CHOICE not to do thier job thusly allowing these horses suffer and Die needs to be publicly excoriated, fired, fined and held for a public trial ( no Deals at all). It’s nature’s experiments like the the people in this report who make me think that Kafka had the right idea in “The Penal Colony”.

  2. If you don’t like horses… WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE HORSES????

    Not to mention… THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO NOT FRAKKING FEED THEM, or any of that other crap they were doing to them.

    I mean, what the hell? Sell the goddamn things if you don’t like horses.

    But no, they probably get their kicks from torturing animals they “don’t like”.

    Is there smoke coming out of my nostrils yet? Can I go beat these people with a baseball bat? AC included?

    *tears hair out*

    Honestly… just… I…

    Words cannot even express how disgusted and pissed off I am.

  3. People (like those “owners”) fucking suck. Poor, poor horses…

  4. FHOTD – Thank you so much for helping to get this information out there. I personally sent emaiils and send letters via regular mail to all these agencies on April 10th and have yet to receive a response, so the DA is being less than honest saying this is the first he’s heard of it.

  5. Lets go bury them alive like the horse.

  6. Response from DA:

    Thank you very much for the detailed information. I have forwarded your reply to Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey. When the matter is investigated I am sure he will refer the case to this office for prosecution.

    My office actively pursues justice for animals that are abused. In fact, just in February two of my deputies were honored with national awards from the Animal Legal Defense Fund for their exemplary work on just such a case.

    I appreciate your concern as well. Thank you for bringing this situation to my attention.


    Kirk Andrus
    Siskiyou County District Attorney

    • If two of his deputies were awarded for working on animal abuse, maybe someone should try to track down their names and ask them to push this case through. If the legal system is lagging, having an advocate on the inside could help.

  7. Wow and FUCK.
    This just makes me sick to the guts.
    I can handle an asshole starving a horse – just. I can’t handle them being physically abused and tortured.
    And boy I wish the authorities could be held accountable as well for their lack of response.

  8. I feel sick….

  9. You’d think that if they had the guns and ammunition to shoot at their neighbors that they would be able to at least give their horses a clean and quick death before they ran out of money to feed them on. I’d personally rather shoot a fat/happy horse than wait for the time to come that they need to be put out of their misery.

  10. They did have the ability to put the horses down. It was part of their “entertainment” to torture the horses. These pre-hominids are not human in that they lack both souls and a pre-frontal cortex. They are best confined to a zoo, used in an indepth abnorma- anatomy lesson or segregated somewhere deep underground where they can do no more harm.

  11. I am so fucking pissed off right now I have no words for it! It wasn’t enough that they starved these horses, they had to TORTURE THEM TOO??

    If I lived anywhere near those piss poor excuses for human beings I’d be in jail because I would have killed them myself!

  12. Rebecca Neppach

    This whole thing just sickens me. I do not have the words to express my outrage at the insensitivity of these people:(

  13. WTF?! Give us the peoples address so we can go confront them ourselves since obviously the court system/police and all the other people who are here to PROTECT aren’t going to do anything. I’m so unbelievably pissed right now!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!?! That poor baby, if somebody would have stepped in sooner NONE of this would have happened…. I’m shaking.

  14. I do not own horses but I love all animals unconditionally. This is heart-breaking and makes me wonder how the horses lasted as long as they did. That kind of torture should be given to the people who did this but it won’t bring back those horses. How could AC ignore this so long? I don’t have enough words…….

  15. This just makes me sick to my stomach. I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel. Wish I lived in next door to these a$$holes.

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