Prescribed Brain Bleach

My first attempts at the animals we were talking about yesterday on Facebook.   What do you think?! -only tell me if they’re awesome.  If not, lie.  Please and thank you.

Happy Friday the 13th! 😀


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  1. Sorry, but the armadillo is just NOT evil enough.

  2. I agree. Armadillo needs more evilness and I think the fox needs more stink eye!

  3. rabbitastrophe

    Try a wolverine, to replace the armadillo. Wolverines are the demon of the North! (from a little Canadian, ooh)

  4. She’s telling the truth about Wolverines. My mother had the unfortunate occasion to hit one with her GMC Sierra. It clawed part of the bumper off as it was run over. O.O

  5. Badgers are scarey, they are low and flat like slugs so they can hide easily on the forest floor but Boy-Howdy can the little buggers Move! And they make the wierdest grunting sound as they chase you towards the safety of the locked feed room, with the metal door. So I vote for Badger over Armadillo. ( i wasn’t that scared, nu uh)

  6. you need a tyrannasaursaus- ((well spelling is not my best virtue))
    but you get it-
    and a gross evil smelly viper snake not a cutsie Fox with bad bottom teeth or a Metallica Armidillo

  7. dear GODs… PLS make them stop doing such STUPID THINGS!!! **** Head Desk!!****
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