How to find a quality trainer

When choosing a trainer for your young horse, you want to choose one who is focused


One who knows how to properly choose and fit equipment


A trainer who progresses your horse at an appropriate speed, keeps things moving forward.  As opposed to those money-grabbers who move your horse soooo slooowwwwlllyyyyy, keeping your horse in training for as long as possible to wring every last dime from your pockets – sometimes upwards of 5 months!

Coincidentally, 5 months is the age of the horse in the photos – she’s advanced for her age.  Clearly.


You want a trainer who has experience using rope.

Lots of rope.


Here’s a good tidbit: When looking for a trainer for your youngun, take a look at his other projects.  Are they in good health? Have happy expressions on their face, like this one?


And most importantly, the trainer must have a plaid saddle pad to use its magical plaid powers to keep the saddle in place as the too large rider for the too young and underdeveloped baby attempts to haul herself atop this tiny creature.

I tip my hat, much like the little filly is tipping in the above photo, to your asshatery, Mr. “Trainer”.

There are very few topics we all agree upon (which is cool, the differences of opinions are what sparks debates!) but methinks this may be one.  But, for arguments sake, I challenge y’all to come up with a counter argument!  Let the pro’s weigh in on why the above documented training practices are acceptable.  Come on! I dares ya! And it has to be realistic-ish! No aliens and no government experimentation (unless I comment about them.  DIBS!)

ps.  I am committed to making light of this, we’ve had too many poor little babies on Snarky Rider and Fugly recently.


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  1. gosh, i would laugh if it weren’t so awful.

  2. Are there draft donks? I ask cause this requires a Larger AssHat Award. 😀

  3. Oh I forgot, this here is an article about above trainer claiming he doesn’t normally saddle yearlings (unless of course they are younger!)

    • I just threw up in my moith over this article. If this guys was SO good at listening to horses, then why did this even happen…wait, maybe he can only hear grown horses…good grief

    • Having looked at the article, am I right in saying that Gypsy cob in the photo looks like it has a rope tied tightly around its hindquarters, like the bucking straps worn by rodeo broncos, and that is what is making the horse buck? Why would you do this?

  4. What the hell? More pictures of this douche bag and this poor filly?! I am SO glad this craptastic excuse for a human allowed all these pictures. What was he doing? Trying to do the “break a horse in 30 minutes” routine? Obviously those rose colored glasses he has on has him thinking this is a full grown pony and not a baby…Oh wait, if it WERE a pony that thing would have killed the giraffe sitting on its back and stomped the shit out of the saddle on its under belly because most ponies wont stand for this level of….hell I cant even think of a word to describe this level…. A pony would have owned this man. I sure hope the owner now knows what a POS this “trainer” is and has pulled the baby? The FOAL looks to be a pretty decently bred baby so I would think you would want to, I dont know, let her GROW into that big awesome butt you bred for BEFORE you do anything more than simple ground work. If this guy was legitimate in any way, shape, or form, this would have NEVER happened. If he was a shitty trainer out for a buck or two but still smart enough to be a sleeze ball, he wouldnt have allowed pictures, but obviously this guy is NOT smarter than a 5th grader. Is this world inbreeding foal breaking/training idiots these days? There are so many cuss words I would like to use right now, but I will refrain. I know someone out there has an email address and a phone # for this guy. People should blow it up! I found his FB page and I sent him a message. too bad he lives in New Zealand and not in Texas..I would go give him a big Howdy High Five to the face for this spectacular dis play of douche bagness.

  5. Thanks for exposing this Ass Hat! That girl also deserves an Ass hat award for being a part of this.

  6. Playing devil’s advocate here, but is there anything particularly wrong with a baby getting used to the saddle/pad? I am completely against putting a bit in a baby’s mouth and/or backing them, but exposing them to the saddle/pad shouldn’t be that terrible, right? It’s similar to getting used to being led, having their feet worked on, being touched everywhere, trailering, etc.

    Cute baby; too bad she’s going to be ruined by these eejits.

    • I personally do not see anything wrong with exposing them to it, but not lunging it or even tightening the saddle . I have taken laid back babies before and set a small childs saddle on their back, but never cinched them up. Just let them get used to it setting on their back. And most certainly not a bit of any kind! Heck I dont even start a grown colt in a bit!

  7. Did anyone else notice how TALL the fences are? Could this be because all of the horses are trying to escape to get the hell away from this ‘trainer’? The filly is a little doll too, poor girl.

  8. I sure hope this is a joke it is so wrong_Then I checked out the sheep fencing they have the horses turned out in and I thought maybe not___What complete idiots. Someone save this cute baby!

  9. hmmm … thinking … thinking

    Lets go with this, it’s like with the elephants where if you put a huge chain on them when they are babies when they grow up they won’t realize that they can snap it any time they damn well choose. If you take a baby horse and throw a huge person on them then when they grow up they won’t know that they can throw people off. That means there is less stress on them as they’ve learned helplessness from a young age and there are never any fights.

    Now people let me accept my award for natural horsemanship. I is trainer of much good

  10. I NOTICED the red xray eyes on the boobs…I saw that! LOL!

    It’s like today’s way of parenting: seems like if your kid doesn’t know how to read or write by the time they get into kindergarten, then they are “behind”. And many parents now gasp in horror when you say, “I didn’t go to preschool nor did my kids”. I didn’t….I was actually taught my ABC’s and 123’s by my Mom and Dad at home and the things I needed to know before I went to K. I did the same for my kids. Guess what….we are all just fine and educated, because my parents WAITED until I was ready to learn instead of “training” me early. It’s the same about sports: honestly, what 2 or 3 year old child really gives a hoot if they are in soccer or tball or gymnastics or the beauty pagent? Mine played outside in the fresh air and learned the basics first….how to run, climb, fall, grow and just be kids before we tried to “set” them on a career path.

    Yep I see no problem in getting a baby used to all the pads and saddles (I used a pony one) when young. Got a picture of our two week old colt beside his Momma (who was being saddled) with his Momma’s saddle pad covering his body from eartips to tail! He kept nibbling at it and trying to see under it so we just set it on him for giggles and he thought he was Mr. Cool peeking out from under it. Started doing that EVERY TIME we took him and Mom out for a ride around the pasture (he loved following her while she practiced barrel and pole patterns…..when he was finally trained on those patterns he was a natural!). By the time he was a year old, he was wearing the pony saddle while on a short trail ride, being ponied alongside my old gelding and having to (*gasp*) carry the weight of a saddle horn bag with our lunch in it! Mine even learned what a right tug ment and a left tug ment as we’d walk beside him and have someone else lead him. I put a clip-on roping rein on his halter rings and walk beside him with “gee”, “haw” “whoa” and “walk on” being said each time I asked for a turn or a stop or a move forward. He picked it up quickly once he figured out he got praised and a scratch if he listened and obeyed and we made it into a game he enjoyed. Later on down the road when we were finally on his back, he remembered his “walk beside” lessons and responded without much effort on our part to the commands: verbal and physical. Eventually we phased out the verbal right and left (although he still knows them). He acted like, “What’s all the fuss, Mom?”. Yes, acclimate you foal to things, introduce them to things, but for God’s sake don’t climb on them or work them like they are full grown! Treat them as a baby and make their lessons fun for them! Take it slow and steady and wait til they are ready for real training. It WILL pay off in the long run with the most ideal horse you will ever see!

  11. From what I saw on Bad_Riding from LJ, this trainer has already been reported to authorities in NZ, where it’s illegal to ride a baby of less than 15 months. I’d cite the report, but of course, LiveJournal is in the toilet. Again.

  12. OK.. I am gonna play.

    Now you all know that there in NZ they are upside down. What you don’t realize is that is not a baby horse… NOPE… kinda like the Changelings from DS9 (star trek) they age backwards. So what you are actually seeing is a very old horse, and super well broke!!
    That person is not actually a trainer, they are part of a horse retirement center. Isn’t it nice to see a younger person taking such a grand interest in old grand horse!!..
    The only problem is that old grand horse doesn’t remember much due to age. She chews her hay without her horse dentures, and well you know that their clothes (like halters, saddles and bridles) just don’t fit like they used to. Old grand horse shrinks, just like grandma!!
    Now what you can do to help ole grand horse and the retirement center… just send 9.99 AUS to the following address, its cheaper than a bale a hay a week. And in return you will get letters and a picture of your ole grand horse, sent to you every month.
    Help buy horse dentures and a horse scooter like the HOOVE-a-ROUND, to help ole Grand horse get around the barn.
    Its just sugar lumps a day and you can make a big change to a needy senior horse in Australia and New Zealand, by sending your credit card number.
    Fake trainers are standing by with their too-tight shirts and their body clinging breaches, to take your information so you can start RIGHT NOW to help a needy ole grand horse.
    Help the “strippers” er, um, fake trainers to care for these forgotten and obviously TOO YOUNG looking but actually really OLD horses.
    Call today!!
    And if you act now in the next 10 minutes we will throw in a free calender of the Fake Trainer, mounting and doing “trainer” things with the grand ole horse. Nudge Nudge, wink wink..
    AND if you sign up for the newsletter you will also get these great ropes and Fake Training tips that will help you become a big name trainer in natural horsemanship. Lovingly modeled by a grand ole horse!
    You will get a calender, a NH certificate, post cards and a picture of your sponsored Grand Ole Horse.
    Remember only you can prevent Fake Trainer from starting barn fires.. er um.. taking care of the grand ole horse who obviously only looks like a baby horse…

  13. Excuse me, I have an asshat to pummel….

  14. A+ for Snarkasm!

    On another note, this is why I think it should be mandatory for everyone to have some lessons in horsemanship, before they are allowed to buy horses. Because, really, WHO IN THE HELL THINKS IT’S OK TO GET A 5 MONTH OLD BABY’S BACK?! (I’m assuming that the owner really is THAt stupid)
    Not even gonna touch the “trainer”. there are not enough curse words for that piece of crap…

  15. When I saw the first photo I was like “that lady is way too big for that pony, and that so-called trainer is a jerk” and then I saw the fluffy foal tail. And then I saw the rest of the article- how fecking stupid do you have to be to saddle up a 5 month old foal?!! Sane people would not be so cruel to puppies or kittens, so why are these “horse lovers” so cruel to baby horses?

  16. I have to confess that when I was starting my colt (who was three years old), I did lunge him with an old saddle on him that was twisted off center and sideways. I figured if I was ever stupid and didn’t tighten the girth, I didn’t want him to panic if the saddle slid. So I put one on him sideways-without stirrups to get hung in- and let him figure out it was just annoying, not anything to panic over. I also saddled him when he was a year old, but in a light english saddle and without a rider. No one got on his back until he was a late two year old. By the time we rode him, he lunged, ground drove, led, tied, cross tied, trailered, clipped, and did all the things the big horses were expected to do. Riding him wasn’t a big deal after all that.

    The dude in that article is just stupid. Poor cute little baby horse needs to come to my house. No one will ride her until she’s good and ready to handle the weight.

  17. I was surprised to see this featured on SnarkyRider, this is already viral on Facebook, if it weren’t for the general asshatness I could almost feel sorry for the guy.

    not…keep it up with all this publicity, trainer going down ^_^

  18. I can’t believe how fucking PLEASED she looks that the infant doesn’t have the bone/cartilage structure to buck her ass off.

  19. After reading the article, I’d venture to guess Pat Parelli & Clint Anderson LOVE having this douche-monkey throw their names out there. The last sentence about only “breeding” makes a horse bombproof…please dear God tell me he isn’t one of those that thinks having a foal calms a mare. I really hoping I’m misinterpreting this a$$munch.

    • The wording is unclear as to what he actually means. It could mean, as you interpret, that a horse needs to reproduce in order to calm down, but I interpreted it to mean that that a horse’s breeding (its breed and bloodlines) is what makes a calm horse, based on his comments earlier about gypsy horses. Both are stupid things for a horse trainer to say.

  20. rockin rc ranch

    OK, if you break a filly at 5 months, it will make her sway back and it is much easier to stay on that way. It is like having an old high backed cantle saddle. Her high withers and sway back will keep you right in place so you dont fall off. Everybody knows this. In fact I dont know why they waited so long to break her, they should have started her at 2 or 3 months when you can still touch your feet on the ground while sitting on her, so if she did somehow manage to buck, you could just stand up. No harm, no foul. And what is with the snaffle bit? Where are the shanks?? How are you supposed to teach a filly to stop without shanks? Especially at 5 months?!? Again, if they would have started her at 2 or 3 months, they could just dig their heels in the ground and stop her “Flintstone” style.

    OK, done playing.
    What freaken idiots. I dont know how anyone could think this is ok….

  21. Babies learn easier. And being in NZ, where they’re all upside-down, it’s the norm to strap a saddle to the underside of a horse. And if you tie loads of ropes around a baby, they won’t run off with you when they’re older. The more gadgets you put on a horse the better it is.. Right…?

  22. She will be one very broke horse later in life…horses dont know what they are capable of until they actually do it (i.e tossing their rider, pulling back and breaking a halter ect..) so starting young and while the baby isnt strong enough to accomplish such things, effectively nips it in the bud BEFORE any bad behavior starts…..thus making a spectacular horse!

    (that sadly will need joint injections at the age of 4- such a shame whata NICE filly!)

  23. Oh my god; she’s so young. You don’t realize just what a baby she is until the second picture, whereupon the thought “where’s her mom?” immediately popped into my head. The horror!

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