Let’s get one thing straight: the purpose of this blog is not to belittle anyone in their equestrian endeavors.  It started because one day we were sitting in a McDonald’s looking through the classifieds section of a horse magazine and started analyzing and commenting on (ok, lets just say it: making fun of) the quality of photos used.  Can you blame us though?!  Have you looked at some of the photos submitted? They’re asking $27,000 for a blurry screen shot from a crappy video.  Some of them were so bad they could have been photos of cows and you wouldn’t have been able to tell!

Anywho… the comments we make on photos are meant to be humorous in a sarcastic and snarky way (we can all thank the TV series Gilmore Girls for the term “snarcastic” – which is quite apt for this blog).  We will never make fun of the way someone looks or anything truly personal – our comments will instead be directed at your riding and your horses looks.   If you put the tack on incorrectly, you’re fair game.  If the foal resembles an alpaca, we reserve the right to tell people (see Horsepaca Baby).  If your elbows are out and practically flapping, naturally we’ll assume it’s because you’re trying to help your horse over some (possibly unseen/nonexistent) obstacle.

You’ve been warned! 😀

  1. I’m really enjoying your blog so far. Keep up the good work!

  2. I came to this page hoping to find information on where you girls live. Not like, your home address, just in general (like a state). It’s slim to none that you even live in the same state as me, but I really wish I could hang out with you guys in person. It sounds like you have a lot of fun and have the kind of friendship I’ve had with people in the past before I became disabled and homebound with a social life in the negative. I’m 23 and from PA, just in case you were wondering.

    Sorry if this is a little weird. If you were nearby I just wanted to get in on the fun! 🙂

    • Heya – sorry for taking so long to respond to this comment!! Didn’t know people were commenting on the About page! :S eep. Anywho, nope we’re not in PA, nowhere close unfortunately. But you’re more than welcome to hang out here to join us on facebook/twitter anytime!!

      We have a lot of fun when we’re not trying to kill each other 😛 Writing the blogs together has definitely put a strain on our friendship.

      It’s not even close to the same thing but I’m home most Fri/Sat nights working on the blogs and usually troll facebook during that time! haha

  3. My favorite are the “superman” jumpers.. Ya look at that great EQ!!!!

  4. Hey, I want to put the Haynet badge on my blog and I’ve noticed you’ve got it to. Where do you put the code in to add it to the sidebar? =) thankksss

  5. you did allow what you said you wouldn’t you put me down degraded me and never once asked me about my side of the story
    ” the purpose of this blog is not to belittle anyone in their equestrian endeavors”
    ” We will never make fun of the way someone looks or anything truly personal”
    Calling people obese and mentally ill horse hoarders is doing what you said you wouldn’t and saying I am a horse rescue that should be reported for misappropriation of funds is incorrect also as I am not I am not 501c and do not get any money from the internet by any means Thank You for misrepresenting me

    • Hi Heidi, I just reread the post and those things weren’t said about you. Some commenters got a little carried away but none of that was directed at you. Our policy has always been to approve all comments (yes, even the ones that attack us). The post you’re talking about wasn’t about you, all that was done was copied a conversation from Facebook that you apparently were a part of. No where did we, or the author of the post, misrepresent you or even comment about you specifically.

      • you say that yet who is the one being harassed by people? and while they might not have said my name on person has admitted that their comment was about me the one about being obese and ect…………… yes I posted on FB I was only taking part in a conversation and yes you can do what you want with public information but why am I being attacked by people

  6. Well I don’t know about that , I have enough to be enraged about harmonically speaking. Al I wanta do is thank you or providing this outlet. I am tired of getting finger shooked by face book and go to face book jail . Just because I offended some prima Donna. I hate horse people, I love horses mucho, I don’t hate all horse people just the ones whos horse outfits cost more than their horse. I hate the ones who think the know all their is to know about horses, and there way is the only way and look down on people who just want to ride and have fun and enjoy life. Those snooty types with the pucker faces that tell you how crazy you are for jumping your horse bare back in a halter and lead rope. While in all their spiffiness not a drop of mud,can not ever mount their horse from the ground, whilst the poor horse is dressed up like he just came from some S&M leather club meeting. We take great hands on care of the horses we adopted,once called crazy unrideable.Beautiful big somesmuck paid a fortune for this horse,jump on have fun we cured him with patience time love trust understanding,consistency,He or she did not want to be in the Olympics ,grand Prix,Ribbon go round anyhow,So you delusional parents and people who spend uber bucks on those Prospects,lots of luck. Harley,s are cool too. Peace Love and Applepie!XO

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