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  1. here’s one for you. what the HELL is wrong with people that would posses them to place a child on a horse who has never been backed. If you won’t get on the horse yourself why the heck would you put a child up there???oh yeah and the spelling is AWFUL!

  2. OMG again… yep not registered, butt high and butt ugly, but he’s homozygous so you should breed him and make lots of butt high butt ugly babies! YAY

    • oh yeah and he’s proven! so he’s 3 and already has babies on the ground. PEOPLE if your stallion isn’t doing anything but sitting in a pasture looking dumb and breaking down fences to get at the mares in heat, he needs to be gelded NOW, not tomorrow not next week. NOW please for the love of god!

  3. My eyes need bleach! And who is going to pay $800 for this fugly old stallion? And if they’re so proud of all his foals, why are they dumping him?


    A car dealership taking a horse on trade for a vehicle just doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

  5. found this asshat on you tube


    A 6yo “proven” stud with “application for registration with the APHA”. Why on earth would anyone NOT register a horse they planned to use as a stud, BEFORE they bred him? Oh, but he’s only $300! What a deal! Because everyone who’s anyone wants a cheap, unregistered stud who’s offspring are also cheap and unregistered.

    • Oh god, there’s so much wrong with that ad! Three horses that aren’t even broke to lead… but with lots of potential! Yeah, excellent potential to be dinner for someone in Japan. But somehow they expect to trade one of these grade trainwrecks for a well-broke child’s pony?!? And they’re even getting picky about that pony’s color? It’s all so bad, I almost didn’t notice the barb wire…

  7. One of my favorite artists is George Stubbs who is known for his work with horses. He’s the first person to try to reproduce images of horses that were anatomically correct. He was commissioned to paint the horses of very rich noblemen and women. Many of his paintings are of thoroughbreds. I think it would be cool to compare and contrast the conformation of best of the modern thoroughbreds with the very best of the thoroughbreds circa the 1700′s. Horses in this era were still painted as ‘jumping’ when galloping. It wasn’t until the invention of the high speed camera in 1878 that they figured out just exactly what horses look like when moving out.
    I find this sort of thing fascinating and would love reading about it. Just an idea. 🙂

  8. Well We have a winner here! 2 YO Kids horse for sale! Oh and a Stud!

  9. Check out these quality horses, and completely well educated owners:

    I die a little inside whenever these people post a new horse. Before these horses they had a stubby legged little mini with a kid, no less than 12 at the youngest ‘riding’ it. I don’t know how they’ve managed to sell some of them- my guess is out of pity. I felt that they were sufficiently big enough asshats to deserve getting posted somewhere. Another lovely CL ad.

    In case it’s gone, the ad reads: Small Shetland pony, stud. bites, kicks, not broke to ride., 3years old, brown over coat, or winter coat, grey summer coat. Very cute lawn mower. Not good for anything eles, except stud or lawn mower.

    …just because it has balls doesn’t mean it should have babies.

    I once met a man at an auction who told me all about this unregistered appy cross stallion he used to have. He didn’t show (obviously) or compete, he just did local trail riding. He would buy cheap mares from auctions and let his stud breed them- so that his stud would stay happy. Then he’d turn around and take the mares to another auction. When I asked why the hell he didn’t just geld the damn thing he said because he ‘had more fire’ this way. I painfully resisted the desire to shove him over the railing. In my mind, people like him are the reason the market sucks.

  10. Ok hgranted, it looks like the site hasnt been updated in a couple of years or so, but the pages are chocked full of fugly ass horses. Horses they kept breeding! Making more fuglies, not to mention that there are several mares that look like shit though they are in foal or recently foaled. Heck even the “In Loving Memory” page has some fugly horses on it! I can only hope that since there has been no updates in a while, they are no longer breeding horses, and their stallion has since been gelded because there is no need for him to reproduce at all. I just thought it was an interesting site that had some great examples of what NOT to breed and what will be produced if you do.

  11. More WTF…*Sigh* Craigslist…It is always entertaining and disturbing to scan your sight…

    Ad says: Three Horses, Saddles and tack – $4000
    11 year old gelding used for roping and cutting, a 7 year old mare barrel racer and a a three year old stud ( the stud is very easy to handle), Two good saddles and tack.
    For more info call 806-***-****

    Oh and the pictures..just real special and you can TOTALLY (eyes rolling) how well made they are from them. Oh WAIT you have a Stud with a Mare! Well shit turns out $4000 will get you FOUR horses and tack! What a freaking great deal!

    Oh and now this one:

    Only $400 bucks to breed?! What a deal! And his siblings have wone over 7.4 million! Woo HOO WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Oh wait…has he actually done anything? At least he is cute…he would be an even cutier gelding!

    Standing at stud OWN SON of JUSTA SWINGING PEPPY,Grandson of PEPPY SAN BADGER. ! Registered name JUSTA PEPPY SIX, siblings have won in excess of 7.4 million dollars!. If you are looking for performance bloodlines this is it. He is well mannered and ridden like a gelding. Throws babies with brains and ability. Offering a limited number of mares for the special price of only $400.00 pasture breeding, addititional charge for mare care if pen bred. If you want color look elsewhere.If you want performance and brains look no further. call Mike 806-***-****

  12. Found an article you might be interested in writing on. I don’t know if any other details have emerged and I don’t have time to research it right now, but if I find anything in the near future I’ll forward it to you.

  13. wtf happened to this poor thing?

    “I am selling out of the horse business and only have one left to sale. Her name is Honey and she is the sweetest horse ever. She is completely broke and even kid broke. She was used to train children. She was my moms horse and has never bucked a sole. The only downfall is that she does not have a tail. Other than that, she is a wonderful smooth riding trail horse. She was also used slightly for barrels. She has a negative coggins and is registered through AQHA. She has not had any health problems and is in perfectly great shape. She is about 9 years old. I am only getting rid of her because I do not have the time for horses anymore. She has plenty of food so no low ball offers, although the price is negotiable. I am offering her for 900. I also have a saddle, winter blanket, bridle, and other tack. She is approximately 16 hands and weighing more than 1000lbs. She is foundation bred which means she is well built. I may deliver or meet depending on fees. She is the Dun horse in the pictures. Please email for questions. Price is Negotiable. “

  14. This actually isn’t a bad thing, just a cute video of my boy and his barn-mate running around. Only reason I’m posting is because the bay, Arrow, is an OTTB who will be 18 in less than a month – and I’ve spent the last few weeks dealing with people who insist that a horse, let alone a TB, is supposed to be crazy skinny when it hits its late teen years. WRONG! He still jumps 2’9″ and gives regular jumping lessons to boot.

    Long story short: people insist older = skinny, they piss me off, the video is why.

  15. I can’t quite figure out what is going on in this photo, maybe you guys can find some material in this craigslist gem 🙂

  16. Because the smartest thing you can do is climb up on a stallion in a too small saddle with a broken wrist. Why is this “quarter horse” even reproducing?????

    • I believe the term “proven stud” in this case is being used in the context that he can mount a mare and “get ‘er done”.

  17. Love this one… This stud’s price will go up when he is gelded, but I can’t find anything that says he’s worth the $400 this person is asking in the first place. His major qualifications seem to be that he is a good “prospect,” a “big baby” and “loves getting his loves.” I am no expert, but I think you could say that about almost anything??? I wonder if the price going up once he is gelded is because they are going to detangle that huge mess of cockleburs that his tail and mane have become. Seriously… nothing sells like a horse COVERED in cockleburs… Take a decent photo before you ask me to pay $400 for a useless stud.

  18. What is a ‘welch’ pony when its at home?

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