MiniSnark: Giraffoal

Or should that be girawful?  That poor baby! That neck looks like it belongs on a full grown horse!  -alright, that’s a slight exaggeration, but still.  That ain’t no baby neck!

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  1. maybe she’ll grow into it?
    Maybe??? *hopes*

  2. At least during these times of drought she will be able to reach the upper levels of the trees, therefore making her more hardy and most likely will beable to survive longer than the others.

  3. Terrorized TrailGuide

    Anyone else read this as, “we didn’t realize a 2 year old colt would breed its own mother!”

  4. OK, I don’t understand horse breeding, but aren’t its parents related?! ‘Out of a reg mare an own daught. of flashy blue…. Sire is grandson of flashy blue’

  5. What’s the saying? If it turns out good, it’s linebred, if it turns out bad, it’s inbred 🙂

  6. BUT BUT she has Kuler! She’s soo cooute! I must buy her and breed her when she is a year old and I know just the trainer to start her naow! She’ll be a spectacular fully trained boutiful baby maker by the time she’s three years old. I can just see the $$$ come piling in. The world need more just like her!!!

  7. My first look at this picture actually made me jump. Ahem. But… I must say… so many crappily (is that a word??) bred babies have these horrible short necks (and “nests” to use a Fugly phrase). I would take a chance on a neck like this over the babies with noses longer than their necks that I seem to see every day…

    Sorry, necks are a pet peeve of mine 🙂

  8. I don’t like the shape of it, but long-neck babies happen. Most younger foals have very short necks; then about 4-5 months they extend like a telescope. We’re used to the short necks on babies, and so when one arrives “uncompressed”, it looks very odd. I had one like this — he grew up to be a Class A champion in both halter and performance (and had a neck perfectly in proportion), but he did look rather giraffe-like for the first few months! (I don’t think this baby is going to have quite as good a result, unfortunately.)

  9. On the plus side, she won’t have a hard time grazing! No awkwardly sprawled legs like all her friends!

  10. Well, at least she’s posed nicely for the sale photo. And she’s kind of clean. A lot of craigslist horses can’t say that.

  11. Okay – I *think* that (at least part of) the reason her neck looks so long is that the lower part of her head is white. See the little white wiggly line that appears at the base of the jowl? – I think it continues forward on her lower jaw to her chin (making her a tovero, btw). Hard to tell since the grass behind is so pale. But that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. ;o)
    However, what concerns me is, what is going on just behind her shoulder? There looks to be a large patch that has been shaved, with three dark dots in a vertical row, and farther toward her flank, a rumpled area. Am I seeing things, or is there something odd going on there?

  12. Lot’s of walkers are line-bred (or inbred LOL)….my TWH mare had parents who where half brother and sister, both out of the same sire. I can see the posting comes out of Nashville, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they bred that on purpose. Some lines are so popular (or were so over-bred 30 years ago) it’s hard to get away from it!

  13. Why bother to brag what wonderful lines she is out of when she “will not have papers”? Call her a mutt and be done with it.

    Just what we need: another grade, ill-proportioned youngster out of parents who don’t appear to be doing anything. What do you want to bet her mother’s only accomplishment in life is to get pregnant?

    Please stop breeding!

    And can someone tell me why these people spend $ into making foals just to sell them for $400. It cost more than $400 to get that giraffe on the ground. This isn’t the first breeder I’ve seen who happily sells their offspring for almost nothing. Are they trying to go broke?

  14. There’s a new ad –

    She’s only $350 now – grab yourself a bargain! Lol

    • Doesn’t look like the neck is getting prettier with age. LOL

      Again, I wonder why no papers?

      • Terrorized TrailGuide

        Probably because it’s inbred, sorry, ‘linebred’ as hell. When I read that they knew both parents and their pedigrees and that the foal couldn’t be registered, and then that the mare was a daughter of Flashy whatever and the sire was a grandson…. I just read it as ‘son bred momma in pasture…’ I don’t know if TWH are one of the breeds that doesn’t allow super inbred foals to be registered or if it’s just these people never got around to it, but seriously. Don’t breed them then.

  15. Ha ha ha now with the updated pics there’s no more jumping to conclusions about growing out of it, or bad photography, or whatever! The lucky buyer is going to have to buy extra long reins!

  16. Sort of Anonymous

    Actually, uh, I think in the second ad she’s really not THAT bad…she is a young walker, after all. She looks somewhat more in proportion in the second ad.

    My guess on the no papers is the stallion owner is refusing to sign the breeding certificate, for whatever reason. Or they had mares-ey out with youngsters, and they aren’t sure which “grandson of flashy blue” is the daddy.

  17. I bet, even with bad breeding, bad conformation and no papers, and then the proper type of training, she’d turn into a nice trail horse. Definately nothing to show (or breed!) but for going all day on the trails (alot of walkers are awesome trail horses, even with poor conformation) I’d bet she’d make some middle aged trail buff very happy!

  18. Ok, I like her. I would take a long neck over a short one any day and I like her head. I allways like the big ugly Walker heads. I’m glad she’s so far away, must keep telling my self I do not need another horse.

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